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Blind Bargains Qast 114: A 4K Face ID Adventure

Big news requires a big discussion group. That's why we asked Jamie Pauls and Scott Davert to return to the BBQ to talk all things Apple. X, 8, TVs and other acronyms will be mentioned. Also, you won't believe which Qast host defends one particular Apple device or why.

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Discussion Topic: Apple iPhone Event 2017

Here is just some of the news and links we covered during our Apple conversation.

All the XCiting News from Apple's September 12 Event

Mac Break Weekly 575

A look inside the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple s spaceship campus

24 Things You Can Do in iOS 11 That You Couldn't Do Before

Apple's New iPhone Lineup: SE for $349, 6s for $449, 7 for $549, 8 for $699, X for $999

iPhone 8 FAQ: Everything you need to know!

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Have Smaller Batteries Than iPhone 7 Models, But Similar Battery Life

Hands on with the iPhone X: OLED and HDR outshine the other features

iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus: All the specs, compared

iPhones Compared: How the iPhone X Stacks Up Against iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
Apple is Defying History With Its Pricey iPhone X

How Much Will the Expensive Ass iPhone X Cost on Apple's Upgrade Plan?

Apple is turning a design quirk into the iPhone X s defining feature

How the Home 'button' works on iPhone X

Apple explains what exactly happened when Face ID failed during iPhone X demo

U.S. Senator Raises Questions About Security and Privacy of Face

What you should know about privacy and Apple s FaceID on iOS 11

Face ID Raises Some Scary Questions Here Are Some Answers

I m worried that FaceID is going to suck and here s why

Apple officially announces new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity

Apple Watch Series 3 Battery Lasts Up to 18 Hours, But Varies Based on Activity

What's the difference between Apple Watch Series 0, Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3?

Apple TV & iTunes Get 4K Upgrades

Apple has begun rolling out HDR 4K content on iTunes and upgrading old purchases

Disney Is the Only Major Hollywood Studio Not Backing Apple's Plan to Sell 4K Films at $20

tvOS 11 FAQ: Everything you need to know!

Some iPad Pros cost $50 more today as Apple quietly ups prices

Apple Now Offering 32GB Variant of the iPhone 7 in Jet Black

macOS High Sierra preview

iTunes 12.7: How to cope with the abrupt changes


We asked for reactions on the news of the week and boy did you deliver. Here's just a sampling of the tweets we received:

GStilson: The part that is being overlooked right now is what they did with the watch. That could potentially be a wearable industry changer.
ed_edwardson: Apple must have used up their supply of courage last year. Bringing back the headphone jack would have been truly courageous.
cristoferdeo: I'm inclined to buy the $800 256 GB iPhone model and sell my SE to mitigate my out of pocket cost.
douglas2005: I wish Afple had addressed improving Siri. Not sold yet, but leaning to iPhone 8 or maybe Android.
daiverd: I wonder if it will be possible to replace my phone with the new watch completely. I miss tiny phones
jaybird110127: I personally don't see any reason for a blind person to buy the iPhone X. Save $300.
LeftBollocks: by its very nature apple has proven that changing tec will spike abuse for a while. Then people wonder how they did with out
slannon97: They didn't introduce any new Macs or a new iPhone SE. I'll wait until next year.
alyssa6595: I'm looking forward to the new watch. To me, that was the highlight, along with the tribute to Steve Jobs
maldonado0767: I'm a proponent of change and glad Apple has decided to upgrade to modern times by bringing wireless charging.
turtlecatpurrz: I'm thrilled they are still selling the SE and 6S. It gives me hope that I can get another year out of my 6S
missanonymous94: I wonder what the solution is for people who can't open or control their eyes, or have no eyes. I have nostagnus and can't look directly.

The big tech events show no sign of stopping with Google and Microsoft both set to display their holiday lines in October. And there wasn't any sign of the Home Pod. So it isn't unrealistic to think we'll have another Apple event since it isn't like they have to book their Steve Jobs Theater in advance. Next week, however, we'll catch up on news and talk iOS11's big rollout with Jamie and Scott.

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cw Thursday, 21-Sep-2017 06:42 AM ET:

First off, thanks for a wonderful podcast. Likes, I personal do not see the point in upgrading. Yes, apple has included nice features on the newer IPhones, but I personally do not see that much of a point. ITunes 12.7 is a bit of a disappointment to me seeing that apple clearly does not like me restoring my apps via ITunes, but I already commented in other places on that. The new apple TVs also seem nice, but my IPad is ok for most of the things that the apple TV does if you do not need to display things to the family and or use a better sound system than what you usually use on the IPad. Please keep up the good work.

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