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To update or not to Update to iOS 11; Braille Users May Want to Wait According to AppleVis

Many of you may have already made the leap to iOS 11, but you may want to throw caution to the wind, especially if you are a braille user, according to a post from AppleVis.
AppleVis lists some reasons why you may not want to upgrade just yet. Among them are some major bugs involving braille input as well as bugs in the reading of .PDF files. The braille issue affects those who type at a fast rate of speed, with the claim that text is often lost by the translation engine in these situations. iOS 11 introduced improvements to contracted braille input and if you are a slower typist or use Braille Screen Input, this bug will likely not apply to you.
Similarly Redmond Pie presents 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Install iOS 11 Today which gives some reasons from a more mainstream perspective.
There's also a lot of good in iOS version including a new files app and support for indoor navigation in maps. Here's some of the accessibility changes and features from AppleVis.
Need more of your Apple fix? We talk a lot of iOS 11 and more in podcast 114.
How is your update going, or have you chosen to wait? Sound off in the comments.

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cw Tuesday, 19-Sep-2017 8:45 PM ET:

I am personally weighting for some of the bugs to be worked out even though I may change my mind later. Plus, I have learned that the first day that any update is out is just the day that you do not want to update seeing that everyone is trying to hit the apple servers in one go. Another, but smaller concern depending on how you look at it, is the update to ITunes 12.7. It is my understanding that apple did away with the apple store in the windows version of ITunes. I have not check to see if they did away with that in the mac version. It matters a bit to me seeing that it takes a while to update apps on a roughly five megabit connection that sometimes drops out and if I can just download once and sync to all of my devices, then it would go a lot quicker. Plus there is the benefit of having the old version of the app around of the new version of the app brakes accessibility. Another benefit to me for having the apps already downloaded on my PC is the fact that IOS restores tend to go quicker see that you do not have to redownload your apps. Anyway, I am assuming that you will need ITunes 12.7 to sync music and movies from your PC to your IOS device when said devices is running IOS 11. I am also thinking about going through my 32 bit apps and deleting first. Luckily for me, I really do not use most if not all of the 32 bit ones any more. I guess that this would be a good time to clean up. PS, I would go with a faster connection if I could but I really cannot seeing that I do not have a better option in the area.

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