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Blind Bargains Qast 123: Ten Thousand Kerfuffles

App development may seem like a glamorous vocational choice, but as you will hear in this episode, it sure does have the occasional pitfall or two. Marty Schultz, of Kid Friendly Software and Blindfold Games fame, returns to the BBQ to talk about his wild week and his bright future. We'll finally broadcast that tip we've talked about since May, "Sound Off" will be X-citing and you might find the "Last Word" to be one of those things you won't be able to forget for a while once you have heard it for yourself.

In The News:

Google announced some positive access related changes for Android. However, if you read the collection of stories below, you will find that the mainstream tech press had a wide range of reactions to the Accessibility Services news.

Accessibility Services: What they are and why Google is cracking down on their misuse

Google cracks down on power-user apps that use Android's accessibility API

Google will remove Play Store apps that use Accessibility Services for anything except helping disabled users

Google's about to kill a bunch of useful Android apps that rely on Accessibility Services

Now you can Describe Chicken Nugget in 280 Characters with Version 4.5

Remember "TheQube"? It too has an update for the new 280 character limit

The UK, Ireland and Austrailia can now download Microsoft's Seeing AI

HIMS released the third update for the Braille sense Polaris. The update incorporates several user suggestions plus major fixes for Word Processor editing, creating and receiving e-mail, improved access to Web portals like airports and hotels, better consistency and connection between the BrailleSense and Android side, and more.

EnVision America releases v3 of the I.D. Mate Galaxy firmware. The free update sports;

  • Announce the Wi-Fi signal strength as, excellent, very good, average, fair, or poor.
  • Modified Inventory and Browse Inventory Modes.
    Bookmarked Help Mode.
  • Support for HTTPS online requests.
  • Added EVA Online Database - Barcode information found online is uploaded to the new EVA Online Database.Then if a barcode is scanned and not found in the main barcodes.dat file, Galaxy will search online to this database first before searching other online sources.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi Connect / Disconnect Issue - if device cannot properly connect to the online time server, give the "Limited or no bandwidth available." announcement.

From Top Tech Tidbits comes word that Audacity has been upgraded to version 2.20, giving screen reader users greater access to soundclips. Check out this David Bailes guide to learn more.

Interview: Marty Schultz Of Kid Friendly Software

To say that Marty has undergone a strange week would be some kind of an understatement. From the initial news about his apps being under review, to his relief that the review process proved to work in his favor which was then followed by him having to defend his design choices... yep... we'd have to say Marty has experienced one crazy time of it. J.J. sat down with the man at the center of it all to get his thoughts on the matter. Hear reflections on the process, the public reaction and what's next for the Kid Friendly Software Developer. And, if you want to really help him out, remember to rate and review Blindfold Games in the App Store. The occasional In-App Purchase is also a way you can support those out there in Appland that make great software too. Code isn't free. So support those who make it for you!
You can learn more from the Blindfold Games website or follow @BlindfoldGames on Twitter.

Tip: Broadcast With Google Assistant

it is finally here. The ability to use the Google Assistant as an intercom is now rolling out to Google Home users and it is incredibly useful for those who have multiple floors, or large spaces, and a Google Home/Chromecast setup. Simply say the Google trigger phrase followed by the command "Broadcast". The Google Assistant will then record what you say next and pass that along to the other Assistant-based items in the home. To learn more about this feature, visit this page from Android Authority.

Sound Off:

Jim Denham, and a few others on social media, wrote in with another way to accomplish Joe's tip on finding the version of Windows you are running.

"Hey guys:
First, great podcast, keep up all of the great work you are doing.
In ep 121, Joe's tip referenced how to get the version of Win 10 your
friends and family might be using. He had users go through the
Settings app. For screen reader users, I find there is a much quicker
and easier way to get at this information. Open the Run dialog box and
type winver and press enter. While this doesn't provide all of the
information about the computer, it is a really quick and easy way of
determining the version of Windows 10 being used.
Hope this helps. Thanks again for all of the great stuff on your podcasts."

The man who provided the name of this very podcast, Alex Hall, had a few thoughts about Joe's initial iPhone X impressions. The discussion took place on Twitter. However, Alex's response is just a smidge longer than 280 characters. It also resulted in this well-thought-out Guest Post.

Guest Blog: Apple Design for Most of Us

John wrote in to tell us that those noisy neighbors might not be at home when the late night party starts.

"Hi Guys,

If you haven't seen it already, I thought you'd get a kick out of the
story linked below.


Last Word:

Alright, last one of these recording related stories.
Hide And Seek, the rise and fall of Hidden Tracks

Here's Joe's official submission for the segment. It is, uh, unforgettable.

Somebody wrote an email bot to waste scammers' time

Need ideas about stocking stuffers or just looking for a fantastic gift for yourself this holiday season? Well then, you will want to tune in next week as the Blind Bargains Qast will have some suggestions as to how you can spend that festive funding.

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Kblackbn Sunday, 19-Nov-2017 8:22 PM ET:

The leter X in iPhone X should be read as ten, as X is Roman numeral ten. This has been explained in other media.

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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