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Out Of Sight Games Completes Their Quest Line With The Official Release Of A Hero's Call

Out Of Sight Games updated their Kickstarter page with news that the audio-driven PC version of their Role Playing Game is now available for purchase from the official site.
A registration process is required, with would-be Heroes needing to provide an email and a $19.95 PayPal transfer in order to be granted access with an email confirmation. The email will then prompt you to create a password that will be used with the email account registered, once the game has been downloaded and unzipped. The self-voicing game will then walk the Adventurer through the unlocking process for the game. NVDA can also be used if you don't like the self-voiceing options provided. However, low vision users should be aware that the game is fully audio-driven with a graphical version of the game to follow in 2018.

"A Hero's Call" is a game that relies on a grid-based map for most of the navigation within the main town and dungeons. Combat utilizes a tried and true "Dungeons And Dragons" turn-based affair that is enhanced by skills and character modifiers that the player can customize throughout the game. During your quest you will have the opportunity to be noble in helping those in need. or, if you prefer being on the dark side, you can be rude and mouth off to many who you interact with as you plunder the town of its goods. Many of the character interactions are fully voiced and the game also sports an appropriate soundtrack with music and effects filling up a large stereo soundstage.
The biggest challenge for many, especially those who might find themselves confused by the map coordinates or the way the game uses sounds as a radar warning of nearby objects, will be finding the best way to move about the land of Farhaven. BBQ Regular Liam Erven is posting a "Lets Play" demonstration of the game on YouTube for those who might want to hear more before they answer the call to adventure. Out Of Sight Games is also answering questions on Twitter and is working to clear up some issues with some of the Kickstarter perks for those who backed the project at higher levels.
The game offers three difficulty levels and several classes such as Ranger, Mage, Warrior and the like. Early quests will open up three dungeon areas and several side quests. Menus help you keep track of all the things you need to do and a nifty beacon system will give you some guided navigation to reach quest-specific areas should you need the help. Depending on your play style, and the need to complete the game using the various choices and alignment options, you can easily sink several days into finishing a single playthrough of the main story.

We'll have more on "A Hero's Call" in an upcoming Blind Bargains Qast. But for now, happy hunting!

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cw Friday, 05-Jan-2018 3:20 PM ET:

I got the game yesterday. All I can say, without giving anything away, is that it is worth the money. So far, it appears to be the kind of game I like. Most if not all of the problems I had with FPS games in the past is the hand ear thing. Ok, that is not that big of a problem for me. What I really like about this game is that I can think through my actions within battle and be reasonably sure the action I took is the best one. Whereas swamp, I am running away until I have a good plan of attack before I turn and strike. Different styles of play where neither is bad. A Hero's Call basically, for me, is a lay back kind of game where I can ease my way through it with enjoyment while thinking about the clues I have been given via asking about town. Anyway can someone get Liam Erven on talking about his favorite parts of the game. I, personally, would like to see if he can talk about his favorite parts without giving away any hints and or spoilers. I have found that the overall sound scape of the game to be good. Is sound scape the right term here? Anyway, it sounds good so far and the background music is a plus. If anyone asks me, I would say that it is a text adventure put into a first person audio game. That might not describe it well, but that is sort of what it reminds me of. Anyway. Love the game and can’t wait for this to be covered in BBQ.

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