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NVDA users rejoice: Firefox 58 is now available and includes many accessibility improvements

On January 23, Mozilla released Firefox version 58. The previous Firefox version, 57, known as Firefox Quantum, was a major Firefox release which changed how webpages were rendered, but unfortunately also [rendered Firefox much slower and less accessible to screen reader users including users of NVDA

Approximately 2/3 of Firefox users remained with the browser through version 57, helping to report errors and document bugs. Still others instead used an older version of Firefox which was still receiving security updates rather than switching browsers. In Firefox version 58, NVDA users should notice improvements in Firefox's loading of webpages, improvements which should only continue with the forthcoming release of NVDA 2018.1, due in February. In Firefox version 59, Mozilla plans to focus primarily on speed improvements on webpages with many hyperlinks and formatted text.

Unfortunately for JAWS users, while some improvements have been made, there is an as yet undiagnosed issue resulting in continued slowness with Firefox which will need to be addressed by both Mozilla and Freedom Scientific to bring JAWS up to speed. For now, it is still recommended that JAWS users remain on Firefox version 52 ESR.

Have you used the new Firefox? Are you noticing improvements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: NVDA and Firefox 58 – The team is regaining strength
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HarmonicaPlayer Saturday, 03-Feb-2018 5:24 PM ET:

since firefox 58 is out is there still any free captcha addons that worked like web visum does in esr52?

Tangela Saturday, 03-Feb-2018 10:55 PM ET:

No free ones that I'm aware of, though captchabegone will solve captchas for about 3 dollars a month

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