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Breaking: Baum USA Closing their Doors, Suspending U.S. Repairs of Braille Displays

Baum USA, distributor of Baum braille displays and other products, is closing its doors as of the end of business today.
All communications should be made directly with Baum's staff in Germany, and the future remains uncertain for the parent company.
This is a breaking news story and we will update with more information as it becomes available.

Here's the official statement from their website.

Official Company Statement

BAUM (USA), Inc. February 16, 2018
We are sorry to inform our customers that BAUM (USA) Inc. is closed for business. By end of day on February 16, 2018, our phones and email addresses will be updated to reflect that the company is now closed, and direct you to contact
Company leadership in Germany continues to work on finding a solution that will allow the company to resume business operations. If that happens, it’s possible that BAUM (USA) Inc. will reopen too. We will update this notice if anything changes. BAUM (USA) Inc. no longer has the resources or the people to continue business operations, and will close its doors by end of day on February 16, 2018.
Some important information:

  1. If you have sent a BAUM product to us for service, we will conclude all necessary work and return your device to you.
  2. Customers in need of technical support should send an email to This email box is being monitored by BAUM staff in Germany who can assist you.
  3. Service work on VarioUltra will continue to be available, but must be coordinated through Customers will be responsible for shipping charges in all cases.
  4. This web site will remain available for the balance of 2018, with access to all our support pages.
    We are sorry about this outcome, and for any inconvenience it may cause.
    The BAUM USA Team
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darknexus Friday, 16-Feb-2018 2:46 PM ET:

Hardly shocking given that very few companies ever survive bankruptcy proceedings in anything like their original form. Sad none the less, though it did anger me how Baum USA claimed they would continue to go strong when everyone knew that would not be possible. I'd be hesitant to trust anything headed by these people in the future because of their lack of honesty from the outset.

david_bradburn Friday, 16-Feb-2018 7:44 PM ET:

My name is David Bradburn. Until now, I was president for BAUM (USA) Inc. 1. To my knowledge, service of BAUM braille displays has not been suspended. While it's accurate to say that BAUM USA will not service displays, BAUM Germany is working on another solution and will no doubt make a follow up announcement next week. 2. Considering how transparent our communications have been during the past 4-5 months, I am stunned to read a comment that we lacked honesty from the outset. Me and the entire team at BAUM USA have taken pride in providing the best customer service in the industry. We're as upset as any of our customers are that the business has closed. The mischaracterization is undeserved, and personally offensive to me. Thank you, David

aliar4 Saturday, 17-Feb-2018 8:02 PM ET:

we don't know where our units will have to be sent. I bought a maintainance agreement right before this happened. I feel like I threw my money away on it, but I don't feel *lied* to by the company. I just happened to have the bad timing of buying my agreement right before this happened. the company was fully open about it. they never claimed they would *stay* open. they said they hoped to!I wish they had the VU is the best display I ever used.

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