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The last show before we start our pilgrimage to the West coast has us thinking about long flights. J.J. in the spirit of the season, not Spirit Airlines mind you, takes us on a brief tour of an In Flight Entertainment System in this episode. Our Legal Correspondent is back for a listener email in "Sound Off" and we'll check in on one of the subjects from last week's "Last Word". Fold your tray tables and place your seats in the upright position... BBQ 137 is heading towards the runway.

In The News:

Dictation Bridge has hit the 1.0 release stage with many new features. Visit the Dictation Bridge site to learn more.

Further Orbit Reader 20 Shipments Delayed until Summer

NVDA's First Release of 2018 Improves Firefox 58 Support, Adds More Braille Displays

PocketBraille is now live in the Google Play store as a beta!

Real Research, Real Money from the Accessibility User Research Collective

Comcast Launches New Accessible TV Features Ahead of Paralympic Winter Games 2018

Google Accessibility added new information about the new support email in this tweet
Announcing a new support email! Please update your bookmarks to

BBQ Regular Shelly Brisbin will be with us in San Diego once again this year. However, if you can't wait to hear her wise words, check out the link below...
"My radio story for @texasstandard about @TSBVI_Outreach and Apple coding class" Blind Students Learn To Code With A Swipe And A Tap

And check out a review of Shelly's book in this month's Access World.

Demonstration: Southwest Airlines In Flight Entertainment System

J.J. has been flying a lot lately to his secret locations in New Jersey. This has given him the uncanny ability to recognize snacks by their sound on the rolling cart as it goes by him. However, on one of the flights for his travels to CES, J.J. decided to forego guessing which bag was peanuts and which was pretzels for something else entirely. Listen as J.J. takes us on a tour of the entertainment offerings on his flight. Or, for the most realistic experience, place the sound of a crying baby in the background as you hear J.J. demonstrate the Southwest offerings.

Tip: Audio Books From Google Play

Google Play Books has recently added audio books to their offerings. Now you can listen to a book on iOS, pick up where you left off on Android, maybe skip a chapter in Chrome and even cast it to your Google home or Chromecast. It is a nice multiplatform alternative to have around. And keep an eye on your Inbox as Google has already offered a free audio book as a promotion earlier this year.

Sound Off:

Our resident legal corespondent Tim Elder of TRE Legal joins us to answer a legal question that is likely on many people's minds, concerning the extent that employers have to provide accommodations for their employees. Thanks Tim for coming on the show.

Debbie Armstrong wrote in with an idea for someone out there to start a new website.

"So, I d like to start using more Windows 10 apps. But I don t want to clog up my PC with loads of inaccessible software.
Do listeners have recommendations for apps that are particularly accessible, or apps to avoid? I really wish there was a community of blind Windows app users that worked like applevis. I have contributed extensively to the app directory there would also make contributions if such a community existed. "

KNFB Reader, Team Talk somewhat and even Microsoft's own version of Solitaire work with Narrator or other Screen Readers. But we know that is nowhere near all the Microsoft Store apps that do. Send in your faves to and we'll share them on upcoming episodes.

mandojanny: Does orbet reader allow for braille input or simply reading?

We double-checked this with APH, but you can type on the Orbit Reader 20 currently. You can type in braille, but there is no back translation on-board.

Last Word:

Music and food but not the way you might think for this portion of the program.
I Went to a Silent Disco as an Old
Burger-flipping robot takes four-day break immediately after landing new job

Just a reminder that our next episode will be the CSUN Wrap Up Show. That means that a bunch of audio from San Diego is going to come down the pike to you before then. Hang on, hold tight, BBQ Convention Coverage 2018 begins soon!

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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