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Blind Bargains Qast 153: Allstar Duck Triathlon

J.J. is out communing with nature at his annual summer camp retreat. So, Joe asked Jamie Pauls
to hop into the studio to discuss the matters of the week. David Bradburn, longtime friend of the show, returns to talk about Video Magnifiers and his recent international travel exploits. Jamie has a tip; a fellow podcaster sends in a letter for "Sound Off" and a bit of audio Tom Foolery rounds out things in the "Last Word".

Program Note:

Huge shout outs, and big congrats, to members of the BBQ Crew.
Buddy Brannan
Moved to Austin to start his new gig at that little startup company Apple.
Also, Ricky Enger
Joined the Hadley Institute as a Learning Expert on August 1st. We can t wait to hear the stories that come from these awesome new adventures for our friends!

In The News:

AIRA announces the launch of their 24-7 services and updates their Horizon FAQ pages

Freedom Scientific has posted an article about the impending demise of classic Skype that is worth a read

It's worth mentioning that after we recorded this episode, Microsoft has decided to keep Classic Skype alive for a bit longer because of user backlash.

Hartgen Consultancy is now offering an archived version of their Open Tween Twitter client course

We mentioned it briefly last week, here is an article about the 2018 Holman Prize winners

Be My Eyes continues adding awards to the ever-growing trophy case

Be sure to check out Jamie s article, and the other great work too, in July 2018 s edition of Access World

Interview: David Bradburn Of Zoomax

Back in March, at CSUN, Joe had a chance to use a new field recorder on the Exhibit Hall floor, Except, it didn t go so well. But Joe did come away with some of the best blank recordings he has ever done in his long broadcasting career. One such interview, lost to the depths of time, was a lengthy one with David Bradburn. This week joe makes amends by having David back on the program to speak about the Snow 10 Pro
and the first in the new Revosight line of wearable units releasing later this month from Zoomax
Also, David describes some of the aspects of traveling through China and fills us in on some of the local cuisine. Spoiler, chicken and duck are on the menu but not in the way you may think.

Tip: Braille Modes With Braille Note Touch

Jamie tells us an easy way to switch between modes on the Braille Note Touch this week. You can move between Literary Braille and Computer Braille easily if you use these command keys. To move to Computer Braille press Backspace and G. To move again to Literary Braille press Backspace, spacebar then G once more.

Sound Off:

Main Menu s Jenine Stanley sent along this email entitled Ruffwear, more geeky than you'd think .

Hey guys, glad you mentioned Chancy s excellent interview with Greg Frye from Ruffwear. Our booth was right next to them at NFB and I did get to test drive the prototype guide dog harness.

I ve been a serious guide and service dog gear geek for a long time now and what truly fascinated me about this design was the handle. It s a single shaft handle, not the rigid U shape we all know and mostly love. the engineering geekery is that this single shaft can be adjusted for minute lengths as well as mimicking different handle types. It can be set to mimic the distance and feel of an offset handle versus a straight handle. that s just shaft positioning and involves very subtly adjusting the angle of the single shaft.

The grip mechanism can also be adjusted to go along with the handle type or to become ultra ergonomic for various hand and wrist issues.

I need a handle that is built up. I achieve this on my current harness using a padded bicycle grip. The Ruffwear handle can be set at any angle or hand position and extra material can be added to the grip at any point if needed.

Right now these adjustments are meant to be made by an instructor during initial training or placement with the harness but they do have a prototype that is adjustable by the handler in real time. Amazingly enough, it s also light weight.

The body piece is also very configurable with different materials, reflective schemes and attachments such as pouches or cane holders. The chest piece covers the dog s entire chest, giving really precise feedback. It s also completely adjustable to really fit the dog as opposed to the very nice looking but not well fitting leather traditional harnesses.

My test drive showed me that this harness is really functional in tight spaces. this surprised me. i thought it might be great in sidewalk work where you ve got nice open spaces and all that but in crowds, how would you feel those subtle movements? Very well actually. The handle attachment mechanism and neck piece are still a work in progress but they hope to come out with some more prototypes in the fall, which they will send out to the guide dog schools. Really hoping to get one to try. the actual product will be out early in 2019.

Thanks for noting them in your convention wrap up.:

ICYMI, or In Case You Missed It , here is the link to the interview mentioned above.

#NFB18 Audio: The Next Generation Of Travel Tools Are On Display With RuffWear

Last Word:

Why not have a musical clip for the visiting musician guest host?
Will This Trick Your Ears?(Audio Illusions
And if you like that, you may want to have a "Virtual Haircut"

Next week, J.J. is back and probably sunburned from his time in that place where we tech-minded fear to tread due to the blazing ball in the sky and all that outdoors stuff.

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Orko Thursday, 09-Aug-2018 11:23 PM ET:

During the show, you mentioned something called what sounded like wayround and compared it to granimals kids clothes from Sears. Do you have a link to that, or did I misunderstand what you were saying?

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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