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American Printing House for the Blind announces new 2020 line of products

Aph is announcing a new line of braille displays, embossers and tactile graphics designers for the productivity and education markets.

Chameleon 20

The Chameleon 20 is a braille display specifically optimized for use in schools. In addition to some standard notetaking applications such as a calculator and clock, the chameleon features easy translation from contracted and to uncontracted braille, as well as allowing students to complete assignments in braille and then send them to a teacher in print. It supports a variety of common file types, including DOC, DOCX, TXT, BRF, and BRL. Inaddition to allowing students to access files from common sources including Bookshare on the device itself, it also connects to host devices and screen readers including iOS, windows and mac. Students can choose from a variety of colorful textured cases to personalize their devices to their own styles.

Mantis Q40

The Mantis Q40 is the first 40 cell display that also features a qwerty keyboard, allowing students and professionals to choose the input method that fits them best, without sacrificing built-in access to braille. The Mantis features the same standalone notetaking, editing, productivity, and display functions of the Chameleon as well as giving the ability to toggle between braille and qwerty keyboard input, something likely to be of interest for both visually impaired students and professionals.

PixBlaster and PageBlaster

Aph has partnered with Humanware to release two new embossers for both braille and tactile graphics. Featuring a tactile control panel, PageBlaster and PixBlaster support both Aph's BrailleBlaster and Duxbury for braille transcription and printing. They are compatible with Mac, PC, and mobile devices, and feature both USB and Wireless connectivity. They also operate as a desktop printer on both business and personal home networks. Tutorials are available to assist users with learning the hardware.


Juno is a hand-held, 7-inch magnifier for use in schools or at home. It features high contrast tactile buttons, OCR in a number of languages, distance, near, self-view and handwriting view, audible menus, and USB connectivity. It is controlled via a touch screen and comes with a built in stand.

As yet, prices for these devices has not been released.

Additionally, alongside Microsoft, APH is releasing Code Jumper this year for students who have an interest in learning to code in a fun, accessible environment. You can listen to a demonstration of Code Jumper in thie CSUN 2019 interview here, or Read more about Code Jumper here.

Source: New APH Products Coming Soon!
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