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Google drive adds touch ID / Face ID to its iOS apps

Google's latest drive update adds the option to secure your files with touch ID or Face ID.

The new privacy screen allows you to set intervals ranging between 10 seconds and 10 minutes between the time when you leave Google drive, and when you are prompted to reauthenticate. This is intended to make multi-tasking slightly easier, though I personally would like to see longer time intervals added, perhaps up to 30 minutes or an hour.

Google also acknowledges that this method is not foolproof without other precautions; it warns that the new functionality doesn't prevent people from seeing files that show up through notifications, spotlight, Siri suggestions, the files app, and other functionality built into iOS.

Still, this is an extra security function, that, in conjunction with other iOS features, can help to protect and secure your files.

To enable the new functionality, first make sure that your Google apps are up to date. Then, go into the settings screen, and select privacy. You can then select the time between needing to reauthenticate.

Source: Google Drive adds Face ID and Touch ID protection on iPhone and iPad
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