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BBQ In Review: A pile of news to smooth things over until our next podcast

The summer is coming to a close and you probably have browsed NLS Bard s latest for the umpteenth time looking for the perfect book. Or you have dredged the depths of the audio description sections of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime in hopes of finding something interesting. You might also have read all the latest news at Access World, Top Tech Tidd Bits And the Apple Vis blog To keep up on various matters. But then you think Hey! What about the Blind Bargains Qast? . Only to realize that the weekly series has become somewhat not so weekly as of late. Well, even if you didn t know that, we have a whole lot of links that will make up for our absence from your podcast feed.

There is a behind the scenes tradition for the BBQ Crew during long breaks. Joe scrapes his Twitter timeline And J.J. reviews the Blind Bargains tweet list for consideration of articles or the news segment on the podcast. It s a raw feed of sorts that gets trimmed down way before we enter the studio to record an episode. Except, this time around, we thought we d show you our reading list to give you a peek behind our process. And to give everyone an idea about some stories we ve been watching since the end of April.

If you know of news we missed, please feel free to note it in the comments section.

Blind and Low Vision related stories

In-Process 6th August 2020
What s New in ZoomText and Fusion 2019
Apple Warns VoiceOver Users Not to Install watchOS 7 Beta 4 (update: and now the Public Preview
Researchers Say PDFs Are 'Unfit for Human Consumption
The FCC is Pushing Broadcasters to Ensure Information is Accessible to Viewers with Disabilities
Twitter hires for Accessibility
iOS & iPadOS Apps Developed Specifically for Blind or Low Vision Users
Google Lookout: App reads grocery labels for blind people
Google s live-captioning feature will soon work with voice and video calls on Pixel phones
Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Receive Accessibility Seal from the ONCE Foundation
Meet the YouTuber who s schooling developers on how blind people really use tech
Announcing Sight Tech Global, an event on the future of AI and accessibility for people who are blind or visually impaired
This Startup Aims To Make E-Commerce Accessible For Everyone
YouTube is ending its community captions feature and deaf creators aren t happy about it
PC building has an accessibility problem
This is How Visually Impaired Users Use iPhone via Accessibility Features
Apple Accessibility Exec: 'iPhone has Become the Most Powerful and Popular Assistive Device Ever
From Jobs to Voting Booths, Accessibility Should be the Default in America | Opinion
Our commitment to a more accessible world
9 Home Upgrades That ll Add Accessibility Without Sacrificing Style
The ADA is turning 30. It's time that it included digital accessibility
The A.D.A. at 30: Beyond the Law s Promise
Elise Roy designs products to be inclusive of different abilities
The Forgotten History of How Accessible Design Reshaped the Streets
This Frank Lloyd Wright Home Was a Trailblazing Example of Accessible Design
40 Examples Of Technology And Innovation Applied To The Ones Who Really Need It
The Internal Revenue Service is committed to making its website accessible to all people. We have designed our web pages to meet or exceed the standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
A commitment to accessibility and inclusion
5 Things Everyone Should Know About People With Disabilities
Long Road To Hollywood: Why Actors With Disabilities Have Yet To Be Recognized
Disability Pride: The High Expectations of a New Generation
Women of colour with disabilities are always left out of the conversation about diversity
I m An Angry Disabled Woman. Here s What I Want You To Know About Inaccessibility
CEOs Must Be Mindful of Web Accessibility
Webinar: The Current State of Modern Digital Publishing #NFB20
The iPhone SE 2020: A Review From A VoiceOver and Braille User's Perspective
How a pair of noise-cancelling headphones could protect your hearing
Dark mode arrives for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides for Android
These gloves let you hear sign language
How one IndyCar driver turned his type 1 diabetes into an advantage
How To Use a Screen Reader on the Peloton Bike
Patreon and American Council of the Blind Announce Digital Accessibility Initiative
Judge sides with Disney in case of autistic accommodation
Accessibility will make your product better for everyone
Building an accessible emoji picker
Declining eyesight improved by looking at deep red light
Facebook is introducing a dark mode for mobile
Uber will soon let people in California book accessible minibus rides with public transit deal
A man who can't see numbers provides new insight into awareness
Self-driving taxis could be a setback for those with different needs unless companies embrace accessible design now
Accessible authoring of charts and graphs: Mermaid is a markdown language for creating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, Gantt charts, and more
Twitter s audio tweets revealed an accessibility miss, and now the company wants to fix it
Lessons learned from building an accessible support team
The AppleVis Community Inducts Aira and Envision AI into its iOS App Hall of Fame
When Health Care Moves Online, Many Patients Are Left Behind
Study reveals that our eyes suck, so that s good to know
MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES: PLAYING WITH FIRE EXCLUSIVE: Daredevil Writer Elsa Sjunneson On Being Deaf/Blind
Developer warns VR headset damaged eyesight
Here s why digital agencies must push clients towards accessibility
Apple TV+ 'See' consultant helped flesh out visually-impaired world
How to Check Emails for Accessibility in Outlook
Everything you can do with Voice Control on iPhone and iPad
APH's Typer Available Now
Amazing haptic speaker lets visually impaired people read braille in midair
Testing new object recognition app that uses iOS built in OCR functionality
The Inaccessible Internet
Airbnb s Suzanne Edwards Talks Inclusion And Newly Launched Accessibility-Centric Online Experiences
Making Tech Inclusive & Accessible | Mission Unstoppable
Big Tech makes fresh accessibility strides
A is for accessibility: How to make remote learning work for everyone
Stop Hating Dark Mode Because It s Different
IBM s new open-source tool helps developers make their apps more accessible
Be My Eyes partners with RNIB to provide in-app support
Dynamic stimulation of the visual cortex allows blind and sighted people to see shapes
Where s my stuff? Developing AI with help from people who are blind or low vision to meet their
Spectrum Access Audio Described Titles
Creating accessible sites with AMP
All twenty (yes, TWENTY) A Future Date sessions are now posted
Good design should be inclusive and accessible but what s the difference?

Technology stories of interest

An Alexa bug could have exposed your voice history to hackers
Mozilla cuts 250 jobs, says Firefox development will be affected
Walmart and Instacart partner for same-day U.S. delivery in fight against Amazon s Whole Foods
iOS 14 redirects web links from News+ publishers directly to the Apple News app
Apple countersues stereo headphone inventor Koss, with interesting twist
I've worn Alexa-enabled glasses for 2 weeks. They're driving me bananas
Apple goes to war with the gaming industry
Toshiba formally and finally exits laptop business
The Android 11 Easter egg has landed, and the cats are back
Microsoft signals renewed interest in Windows with latest reshuffle
Samsung guarantees three generations of Android OS updates for some Galaxy phones
Here s why Apple believes it s an AI leader and why it says critics have it all wrong
Google is sending a complicated privacy email to everyone here s what it means
Beware of find-my-phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, NSA tells mobile users
Google rolls out even-better-sounding US English Assistant voices for Actions
Privacy problems are widespread for Alexa and Google Assistant voice apps, according to researchers
Smart Glasses to Become Dumb Glasses a Month After Google Buys Company
Read Steve Jobs emails about why you can t buy digital books in Amazon s apps
Google is releasing a free phone backup tool for iOS
What Tim Cook Left Out Of His Version Of App Store History
Amazon doesn t sell Echo speakers at a loss, says Bezos unless they re on sale
Rite Aid deployed facial recognition in hundreds of stores, report finds
Mac OS 8 is now an app you can download and install on macOS, Windows, and Linux
Microsoft launches new Family Safety app for iOS and Android
Amazon is launching a new Alexa app here's what's changing
Academics smuggle 234 policy-violating skills on the Alexa Skills Store
Headphones updates limited to certain phones a cheap move by smartphone makers
Apple s Find My app third-party support comes with a catch for developers and users
All the Ways Your Location Can Be Tracked on an iPhone
Google reportedly keeps tabs on usage of rival Android apps to develop competitors
What is a periscope lens, and what would it mean for future iPhones?
Microsoft Edge shuts up one of the web's most annoying features
Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake
Amazon Met With Startups About Investing, Then Launched Competing Products
Thousands of Companies Send Your Data to Facebook Without Your Knowledge
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Instacart Customers Personal Data Is Being Sold Online
Amazon launches Alexa Conversations in beta, lets developers deep-link skills to mobile apps
Sony s wearable air conditioner is pretty cool
Dumpling launches to make anyone become their own Instacart
Google Home: 9 simple things it still can't do, but Alexa can
This $30 remote is for anyone who loves their Apple TV but hates its Siri Remote
Microsoft teases its future Office UI
How Cord-Cutting Has Lost Its Relevance
Grammarly's advanced features are coming to Google Docs
DoorDash partners with Walgreens to deliver over-the-counter drugs and other health products
Google is quietly experimenting with holographic glasses and smart tattoos
Sennheiser Announces Layoffs Amidst Slowing Market
You can now stake your claim in Apple s $500 million iPhone slowdown settlement
Enjoy some tasty, disease-free Coca-Cola with Freestyle s new mobile pouring technology
Apple fitness exec details new Dance workout in watchOS 7, how it works
Google plans to force Android s Seamless Updates on holdouts like Samsung
Android 10 has the fastest update rate ever, hits 16% of users in 10 months
Here s Why Your Apple App Store Purchases May Be A Ripoff
SiriusXM to Acquire Podcast Platform Stitcher for up to $325 Million
Intel Shares Details on Thunderbolt 4, Launching Later This Year
Walgreens strikes deal with primary-care company to open doctor offices in hundreds of drugstores
LinkedIn will let you upload audio clips to tell people how to pronounce your name
Amazon adds hands-free Alexa to its Alexa mobile app
Windows 10 update may kill off Control Panel s System applet
Uber, Postmates Agree on $2.65 Billion All-Stock Deal
I ditched Android for iPhone SE for a month here s the pros and cons
R&D Roundup: Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit
Netmarketshare: Chrome now officially has more than 70% of the desktop browser market
Here's Why Conventional Cable's Biggest Threat Is ... Google? Yes, Google
Apple wants your iPhone to replace your passport and driver's license
Apple is still working on under-display optical Touch ID reader
How Spotify Beat Apple To The Podcasting Boom
AR 1.0 is dead: Here s what it got wrong
Why Sony s name change matters
Uncovered: 1,000 phrases that incorrectly trigger Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant
Google SafetyNet update might be the end for Android rooting, custom ROMs
Discord is rebranding to shift away from gaming
Amazon Fire OS vs Android: What You'll Miss With an Amazon Device
Olympus is getting out of the camera business
Microsoft s new Android antivirus app is now available in preview
Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming
Google Assistant drops support for Philips Hue first-gen bridge on June 22nd
To evade detection, hackers are requiring targets to complete CAPTCHAs
Bose gives up on its augmented reality sound project
RIP, Bose AR, We Hardly Knew Ye
What We Learned About Editors vs. Algorithms from 4,000 Stories in Apple News
Spies Can Eavesdrop By Watching a Light Bulb's Vibrations
Android 4.4 vs. Android 10 How Android has changed over the years
Google countersues Sonos for patent infringement
The world's first smartwatch had the same issues we have today
Apple plans to shut down iBooks Author and iTunes U
How my photo ended up breaking Android phones
The original Google Home is dead and we don't need a replacement
Jailbreaking an iPhone is nothing like rooting an Android phone, and that's by design
Researchers discover the mathematical system used by the brain to organize visual objects
iOS users can now sign-in to Google accounts with USB/NFC security keys
BBC launches Beeb voice assistant in partnership with Microsoft
How BlackBerry built Android but Apple perfected it
RIP Echo Look, Another Amazon Device I Never Even Knew Existed Until Today
Uber introduces a new hourly rate for longer, multistop trips
I Miss Microsoft's Smartwatches That Were Too Smart for Their Time
Apple s butterfly keyboard failed by prioritizing form over function
GE is saying goodbye to its 129-year-old light bulb business
Ex-Windows chief: Here's why Microsoft waged war on open source
Windows 3.0 Is 30 Years Old: Here s What Made It Special
How Tim Cook's Augmented Reality vision paid off for Apple
Silicon Valley perks up its ears for buzzy audio chat startup
Microsoft expands HoloLens 2 availability, adds 5G/LTE dongle support
Which iPad You Should Actually Buy (and Which to Avoid)
Microsoft Surface Go 2 vs. Surface Go: Which is a better buy?
Google Lens can now copy and paste handwritten notes to your computer
What Is LiDAR and Why Would You Want It on Your Phone?
Intel to buy smart urban transit startup Moovit for $1B to boost its autonomous car division

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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