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Uber and Lyft offering free or discounted vaccination transportation between now and July 4

In partnership with the White House's initiative to vaccinate 70% of Americans by July 4, Uber and Lyft will offer free or discounted transportation to vaccination sites nationwide between now and then. Read on to find out the particulars of each company's offer and how to access them.

According toUber's promotional blog,, riders can get up to four rides totaling $25 each two and from vaccination sites. Open the Uber app, select vaccination from the list, and enter a known vaccination site to begin the process. Known vaccination sites include most pharmacies, doctors, etc. You can also donate vaccination rides to others or schedule a Covid vaccination at local Walgreens locations. Uber also stipulates that while the rides are free to passengers, drivers will still receive the total cost for their time and still allows passengers to tip drivers for these rides.

Lyft, meanwhile, Is offering riders two credits towards rides of $15 or less. According to Lyft's promotional blog, this will cover the majority of vaccination rides. Whereas Uber did not stipulate what form the ride needed to take, Lyft specifies that only shared rides, scooters, or bike rides are eligible for this offer and that rides must be taken during standard pharmacy hours.

It was not immediately obvious how to access vaccination from the Lyft app. It does appear that you can request a ride from this page, But I was unable to test the accessibility of the process.

It's wonderful to see companies working to mitigate the effect lack of transportation can have in vaccination efforts and taking effort to assist communities.

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