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Now you can Play the Popular Game Wordle with a Screen Reader

You may have seen friends posting their daily results from Wordle, the hot new word game craze. Now, there's an easy way to play the game with a screen reader.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a simple word game based on concepts from Mastermind, where you must guess a five-letter word using deduction. It's also similar to the game show Lingo, aired in the U.S. on Game Show Network over a decade ago.

You have up to six guesses to determine today's word. Yes, I said “today's”, as in there is only one puzzle per day. After each guess, you are told which letters are in the word in the correct place, or which letters are in the word but in the wrong place. But until now, the only way to gather this info while using a screen reader involved some advanced techniques, since the results of each guess are represented by colors.

Accessible Wordle

Dominic Mazzoni has generously given us a bit of his free time to solve this problem for us, in the form of a simple free bookmarklet which can be run in most browsers. It modifies the output of the game so that the colors for each letter are represented by "correct", "present", or "absent". Keyboard entry is also enabled for the game, and previous guesses can be reviewed. The instructions are not difficult, but do take a couple of steps, so select the link above to learn how to install the code.

What about those results?

You may have noticed lots of posts on Twitter with various squares indicating the results. IN case you're curious, green squares indicate a letter is correct, yellow squares mean the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot, and white squares refer to letters not in the word at all. The results are displayed with one guess on each line.

We hope you enjoy the latest game craze. Good luck, I got Monday's word in three tries.

Thanks to @HNguyenLy for the tip.

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Peregrine Thursday, 27-Jan-2022 9:54 PM ET:

Is anyone else having trouble getting this to work on Android? The extension works great on Windows, but nothing changes when I open Wordle, then the javascript bookmark on my Pixel6. Is there a trick not included in the instructions? :)

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