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Pre-order the Nokia N86 8MP Cell Phone for $468.99 Shipped

Available for pre-order, has the highly anticipated Nokia n86 8MP cell phone for $468.99. With free shipping, we weren't able to find a better deal on this phone. This phone features an 8-megapixel camera with dual-led flash and Carl Zeiss
optics, 8GB of built-in storage, bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, Wi-Fi, quad-band GSM, support for US 3G networks, and is compatible with the KNFB Reader Mobile software package. A release date was not given, but we have heard from several sources that the product should be released in the next two weeks.

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Brice Smith Sunday, 06-Sep-2009 12:34 AM ET:

An awesome deal, If only the two major screen readers supported the web and e-mail. And since a new version of Talks was just released I'm not holding hope that these problems will be fixed anytime soon. Still, If the web and e-mail aren't important and you want a powerful (retro in design) cameraphone, go for the N86.

VRein Sunday, 06-Sep-2009 5:08 PM ET:

Actually, web and e-mail is supported and has been for a while. Also, if your talking about talks 4, it was released 7 months ago. The n86 is probably gonna be my next phone. If stupid Nokia has the witts to actually release it. I called the nokia customer service number and the reps didn't know what I was talking about to begin with and then when they looked it up, their first reply was to call back on Wednsday. When I called on Wednsday, they changed the release to "This Month." Doesn't this company like making money?

matt Sunday, 06-Sep-2009 5:13 PM ET:

I believe Brice is referring to Talks 4.10, which was released a few weeks ago. Also, the new graphical email application in the N86 is not compatible with Talks or Mobile Speak. However, Talks has some support for the web browser, as long as you don't have to edit anything.

VRein Sunday, 06-Sep-2009 5:19 PM ET:

I just saw the new 4.10 release and apoligize. I didn't realize that the 4.10 was released. This certainly is a problem as I use my phone for web and e-mail quite alot. I had an n82 and wanted the n86 for its 3g capabilites as well as being compatible with the knfb reader.

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