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Exclusive: New Impressions about the intel Reader Emerge

We have received an annonymous report describing the Intel Reader in detail, and their impressions with The unit. The Intel Reader is being marketed as a stand-alone reading device, able to turn a page of text in to speech. Read on for details.
At 6.5" by 5.35" by 1.3 inches, the Intel Reader is about the size of a small netbook. Nine keys are used to control the device, and their is currently no way to enter text at this time. The reader features a 5-megapixel camera and a 4.3" screen. However, the device seems to be catered toward individuals with low-vision and learning disabilities. After taking a picture, there is no feedback regarding page orientation and image processing. The hardware was sluggish, requiring at least 30 seconds to boot and seemed slow to respond. Recognizing a page of text took about twenty seconds, which seems a bit slower than other mobile reader solutions on the market. Note that our tipster was using a beta device, so this can change.
The Intel Reader is expected to sell for around $1500, with a stand for the device selling for about $300 more. Feel free to post in the comments with speculations, or questions about the device.

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coderunner Tuesday, 10-Nov-2009 12:03 PM ET:

Waste of money. End of story.

miahtech Tuesday, 10-Nov-2009 2:07 PM ET:

I'd take one of the KNFB mobile's or the clone systems over it any day, if that description is even remotely correct.

MGD4Ever Tuesday, 10-Nov-2009 3:01 PM ET:

I really hope this isn't Humanware's big news. this device seems like a colossal waste of money, especially considering that it has no Internet connectivity, or the ability to do any other computing tasks. Who would want to carry this thing around in addition to a Netbook and/or cell phone?

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