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Serotek Launches Build-a-Bundle, New System Access Packages Starting at $9.95/month

Serotek has made an announcement that they claim will at "change the AT World for ever!" New bundled plans are available for System Access, SAMNet, and remote access services. System Access seats, or a license for a single computer, can be had for $9.95/month. Add additional computers (up to 5) for a few bucks more. Add-ons like Eloquence and Neospeech can still be purchased as a one-time offering and will be available as a part of your bundle. So essentially, if you are cash-strapped, you can purchase System Access for one computer or U3 smart drive for under 10 bucks. Users of another screen reader may appreciate this option for having u3 access to a screen reader on the go. Access to the SAMNet content, including movies, podcasts, radio stations, and much more is available for $9.95 per month as well. A one-time $25 activation fee also applies, and will not be charged again if you choose to cancel and and then later re-sign up.

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serrebi Monday, 11-Jan-2010 5:18 PM ET:

While this is a good offering, I fail to see how this changes the AT world forever.

Jeff.young Monday, 11-Jan-2010 6:21 PM ET:

I love Serotek, but I have to say I'm a little disappointed. This offer is great for those who need it, but based on their teaser messages I expected a little more.

darknexus Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010 06:42 AM ET:

Well, the AT industry isn't going to change quickly. The way I see Serotek is that they are showing the AT industry another way to handle pricing and products. They're the new player in the Windows AT world, so they have to do things differently. At the moment I don't think the other AT companies have any reason to change, but if the way we look at access technology slowly changes then the industry will have to follow or else risk losing customers. Still, I have to wonder if Serotek is making any kind of proffit from their recent decisions. Even if proffit isn't their primary goal, they still need to make enough of one to keep themselves going and to keep their employees. I'm not saying they should up costs, I don't believe that at all. I just hope they're watching their finances and that these cool new ideas don't drain them of resources before they realize it, as I really do not want to see Serotek die. They're the only moderating influence on the Windows AT world right now and, while I personally am an Apple user, I think affordable access to all platforms is important. At the moment, other than NVDA, Serotek is the only affordable screen reading solution for Windows. The others cost more than the average computer they're used on.

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