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Wipe Your Data Before you Sell

We just received a used device from someone which still had their personal Email, messages, and settings still intact. While many people including us will delete these items, some, unfortunately, are not as nice and may do much to harm your reputation. Just think of all of the passwords, websites, and personal information you could obtain with just a valid Email address. So this is just a friendly reminder if you are selling a piece of technology, whether it be a computer, notetaker, or cell phone, to rid it of your personal information first. It may save you many headaches in the long run. Most devices offer a method to restore your original settings, or you could alternatively reinstall the firmware or software from scratch, taking care to not lose any licenses in the process. If you are unsure of how to do this, ask the original manufacturer or a mailing list or forum for help.

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roosterloop Friday, 14-May-2010 4:37 PM ET:

Wow... What noobs... A great warning I must say, but doesn't this go without saying??? People don't think at times.

darknexus Friday, 14-May-2010 6:16 PM ET:

Unfortunately it doesn't go without saying. Some people treat electronic devices like a magic box and have no considerations for protecting themselves from their own laziness.

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