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Another Humanware Teaser, Another Description from Raive

We received a second teaser from Humanware regarding a product to be released on July 2.
While they did a slightly better job at describing the picture, we still wanted more detail.
So again, we used Solona's RAIVE service to help us out. RAIVE stands for Remotely Analyzing and Interpreting Visual Elements and is a free service where people will describe images and screen shots sent to them.
Perhaps the biggest feature pointed out in our response is the inclusion of the symbol for Wi-Fi capabilities. The previous image resembled a BrailleNote without the keyboard, according to our response. After the jump, the complete description from RAIVE. Text: Humanware. Unveiling July
2, 2010. Speaking of functionality. End of text. The focal point of the image is
a gadget-like device and the camera is pointed down towards the object. It's a very
bold image. Very sleek. The device is resting on a reflective material. It's like
a teaser since the image reveals only the corner of a device. Difficult to determine
size or relation. The material is metallic silver and matte black on the interior.
Difficult to tell if there are keys or buttons, or plugs and where they are. The
corner is rounded. It's difficult to tell whether or not the device is closed, or
if doesn't open. The only symbol represented on the device is a Wi-Fi-enabled symbol,
which is three arcs that are in a stacked layout.

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roosterloop Wednesday, 30-Jun-2010 12:40 PM ET:

Hey, thanks for the, much better description!! looking forward, to what ever this may be! A new book player perhaps?

Jeff.young Wednesday, 30-Jun-2010 1:53 PM ET:

I still don't see the point in these things. Again probably another overpriced underperforming product. Some people may be tired of hearing such negativity toward humanware, but until they prove us wrong their is no reason to assume otherwise.

darknexus Wednesday, 30-Jun-2010 3:06 PM ET:

I have to agree with Jeff.young here. A company gets the negative rep they deserve until they decide to turn themselves around. So far, Humanware has not seemed to do so, and I can't help but see them sending visual teasers out to blind people as a slap in the face.

Deejaydoug Wednesday, 30-Jun-2010 6:04 PM ET:

Ok blind children, ready for the surprise? We've lowered our prices. NOT! Who markets for this company anyway?

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