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Nuance Releases Talks for Windows Mobile Phones

Nuance has released the first version of Talks for Windows Mobile phones, that's not sold through Verizon Wireless. This version runs on phones running Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 standard, and does not support touchscreen devices. We are unsure as to pricing and licensing information.

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ftealucard Wednesday, 22-Sep-2010 5:51 PM ET:

From hearing reviews of the verizon version, it definitely sounded like a slow, buggy, half developed product. For example, you must mute or shut down talks in order to play music on windows media player. With mobile speak and it seems almost all accessible mobile devices now a days, that isn't the case. I would love to be able to use eloquence on my phone and I hope this version is an improvement and not the same as the previous. From what I have also heard, talks seems to just be a rebranding of pocket hal which didn't seem as if it was a good product either.

darknexus Wednesday, 22-Sep-2010 6:29 PM ET:

Wow, and I thought Talks for Windows Mobile had been discontinued. I won't go by reviews of the old Verizon version, seeing as how Verizon is known for insisting on shoving out half-arsed products anyway. Can we download a demo yet? I'd like to try this. As for the touch screen support, hopefully it'll be coming. It can't be any worse than Mobile Speak's idea of touch support I'm sure. If they do something like they did with Talks for Symbian when it comes to touch, I'd be very happy indeed.

musical Thursday, 23-Sep-2010 10:11 PM ET:

well? it appears we have a mobile speak hater when it comes to comparing it with talks and the fact that mobile speak is ahead of the game with doing not only windows mobile devices but, touch screen devices as well. Talks was never ment to be on windows mobile phones so why now? Technically speaking, both mobile speak and talks are behind the times cause the android phones are really on the arise now. How ever, ist to my understanding that code factory is working on something that may work for android phones. Sorry but, the talks program or nuance who makes talks, hasn't got there yet. Most people who have verizon and have gotten talks from my understanding, a week after getting that, turned right around and got mobile speak. I do believe they have talks version 4.5 that supports touch screen devices. Mobile speak has the same but, it fixes issues for using the touch screen. Personally, I think that nuance just wasted monies again. I don't care about having elliquence as long as the phone talks. I don't know wy people act like they need elliquence for everything. Its not enough for them to hear on there pc. What's worse, its not all that. Its ok. there are voices that sound way better but, thats another story for another time.

darknexus Thursday, 30-Sep-2010 7:37 PM ET:

And wow, someone who knows nothing about Talks. I don't hate any of the products, but I do find Mobile Speak's idea of how to use a touch screen inferior to, say, Apple's and Talks's. That is what I meant. I don't much care for Codefactory as a company it's true, their ultimate disdain for their users in refusing to even speak to anyone but dealers and their phone-home trials and product tying get to me. Example: I'm trying out Mobile Geo... or trying to, but the mobile speak trial has gone around the fritz and thus I cannot even attempt to continue my Geo trial. I'm using it on a device with no sim card (not using wm as a phone thank you) and it couldn't phone home so deactivated, upon connecting it to the USB connection of my pc and sharing the internet it promptly switched itself (no warning) from device activation to sim activation even when there was no sim card, and now it won't work unless it is hooked up to the computer. It thinks the USB connection is a sim card! Were Geo and Speak not tied together like this, I could at least try Talks for wm and attempt to continue my Geo trial. Response from Codefactory to my support request? Zero... but I'm getting off topic. As for Android, have you tried that? Android's accessibility is a laughable joke, as much as I hate to say that. It's about on par with Oratio. Android's accessibility doesn't even really support touch input, you're expected to use the trackball or arrow keys which, not surprisingly, most apps do not even support to the full extent. The only exception to this is the self-voicing apps, but who wants to use those and be limited to that subset? You can't even install apps accessibly in Android yet unless you know where one of the icons is located on the screen since you cannot navigate to it by any other means. Android is a technically awesome os, but its accessibility is far from awesome. I hope this changes, but I'm not going to hold my breath. If Google haven't cared that much about it so far, they're not likely to suddenly be enthusiastic about fixing their accessibility now.

J.J. Thursday, 30-Sep-2010 7:42 PM ET:

While Android certainly has a long way to go, I will say that I can install apps using the arrow keys alone, and there are a fair amount of mainstream apps which are accessible. Facebook, Youtube, the Onion, NPR, MLB, etc. to name a few. Certainly Google needs to do a lot to improve the accessibility of some of their internal applications, but the development pace currently is pretty rapid and at least Android is free unlike Oratio. Wow, now we're way off topic.

darknexus Thursday, 30-Sep-2010 9:07 PM ET:

Ok, so they must have just fixed that in 2.2. I'm glad they fixed it, the Android device I was using had 2.1 and 2.2 was still in beta at the time and not available for my phone model. Still, not having access to email except with a specialized program, no internet browsing? Who cares if Facebook works if I can't even use the web? I like full functionality, not a $150 or more facebook device.

musical Saturday, 02-Oct-2010 2:02 PM ET:

Well, from what I've heard, I don't need to know anything about talks except knowing that I can use it no problem. Considering that I would need to turn it off just to use my windows media player, the fact that it is alot slower than mobile speak, and its not the best on doing some things such as text messaging, etc, I think I know quite a bit about the product to know that for windows mobile phones, they wasted there time. As I said before, they weren't for windows mobile phones before and they shouldn't have tried. Go on and hate on mobile speak. I've downloaded the trile of talks. I may even try it to see if they have improved or, if it still sucks like in does on the verizon phones. Personally, I know enough ware it must not be all there if people are trying or have tried it and later on go to mobile speak. So, I congradualate you on telling me what I know nothing about. In my last statement and this one, I have spoken quite a bit on what I know. Nexttime, come correct on telling me what I know nothing about. The only thing I didn't know about is how much trouble you had with code factory. That is, if you really had any.

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