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Window-Eyes 7.5 Public Beta is Now Available

GW Micro has posted the first public beta for version 7.5 of the Window-Eyes screen reader. The beta is available for current registered users. Among the list of improvements is a completely revamped user interface, support for Internet Explorer 9 and the latest version of Windows Live, support for UI Automation making many more apps accessible, speed enhancements for Microsoft Word, and numerous scripting enhancements. Check the link on this post for a complete list.

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darknexus Tuesday, 08-Feb-2011 12:36 PM ET:

Not a bad beta overall. It has some nice enhancements, like cascading settings and a new XML-based set file format. It makes those complicated set files much easier to dissect when you need to. The cascading settings (at least that's what I call them) seem to work very well, though there are a few that are still missing their scope selection buttons. For those who were wondering, yes you can finally define hotkeys globally and have them inherit down the chain to your current application. You can choose whether a hotkey assignment is global or local (along with 99% of all the other settings) and so far this seems to work perfectly. On the flip side however, almost none of the web issues have been fixed, which is a huge let down although, to be fair, GW didn't actually say this version would fix those. I suppose they wanted to get a lot of the internal rewrites out of the way first (and some of these changes would've demanded quite a lot of that) but I personally would've given the web a higher priority. I'm not GW though :). I'm not sure it was necessary to call scripts apps, it seems to me that the term script described them perfectly. Still, it would be hilarious (though for all the wrong reasons) to see the Window-Eyes app store and to watch Apple's reaction to that. I did encounter some issues with upgrading, mostly involving old set files conflicting with the new ones and causing some odd conflicts. I'd suggest removing all your old settings before upgrading if you can. In theory they should convert fine, but on one of my machines they did and on one they didn't. When they don't, you'll get some rather interesting behavior. Scripts (or apps now) aren't affected.

darknexus Tuesday, 08-Feb-2011 6:48 PM ET:

darknexus Tuesday, 08-Feb-2011 6:49 PM ET:

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