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Win a Copy of the Stem Stumper Game

We were one of the first to tell you about Stem Stumper, the new accessible puzzle game available for iOS devices. Stem Stumper costs $1.99 and includes 100 puzzles which are playable using sight or just sound. Thanks to the good folks over at Ananse Productions, we're giving away a copy of the game to one lucky reader. To enter, simply submit a comment on this post and tell us what games or types of games you'd like to play on your mobile device. We'll select a winner at random from all of the comments. Be sure to check out the app on the iTunes app store.
Contest ends at 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday, May 9.

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serrebi Thursday, 05-May-2011 2:57 PM ET:

I wouldn't mind seeing a turned based rpg like entombed. That might work well on a phone.

jcast Thursday, 05-May-2011 5:14 PM ET:

I love to play games that involve the “high definition” audio experience and which utilize the many gestures and movements of the iPhone. Games which involve adventure are usually preferred, but I suppose “adventure” is a broad and/or subjective term.

DPinWI Thursday, 05-May-2011 5:55 PM ET:

I enjoy games that are designed to work with sound only. While I appreciate Voice Over on my iPod Touch for the access it gives me, I don't want to use it in my mental down time. Aurifi and Papa Sangre allow me to zone out, and be in the game, rather than struggling with games like Moxie where I have to concentrate on remembering screen elements and their locations. And I prefer a puzzle over the rote repitition of something like Simon Says, or the various Shake Me, Pinch Me, Poke Me games. Cooperative or online play isn't a big deal to me either.

Jeff.young Thursday, 05-May-2011 7:31 PM ET:

I like whatever's available. I'd like to see some accessible sports games for IOS.

celticwolf Thursday, 05-May-2011 9:47 PM ET:

I would love to see an rpg style game on the IPhone. Rpg similar to something like final fantasy or similar. Whether it would be using sounds exclusively or combined with voiceover. I would love to play a game like that.

remixman Friday, 06-May-2011 10:19 PM ET:

I would like to see some more games like Aurifi. That particular game makes efficient use of the actual physical device, while keeping it fun. As I understand it, Punk-Pie is working on more stuff, so who knows what they're doing with that. Somebody mentioned sports games. I would love to see sports games on my iPhone. I think it would also be fun to see more games like Papa Sangre, which I actually do not own but have heard demos of. It sounds prety neat.

Rick Alfaro Saturday, 07-May-2011 12:17 AM ET:

I'm new to the iOS world, but a good game that uses sound for orientational cues would be fun to try. I purchased PapasSangre but haven't plunged into it yet. Sound puzzles seems like a neat idea so anxious to check it out.

clefurgey Saturday, 07-May-2011 02:44 AM ET:

I haven't actually played any games on my ipod, since I don't know what's accessible and what isn't, so this game sounds kind of neat. Also, I think a sound only game would be cool, but, like someone else has said, not a bopit style game. I'd like to see something like the old emon games for the apple II computers, maybe even those games themselves. It'd bring back memories for me and probably others.

mehgcap Saturday, 07-May-2011 10:10 AM ET:

I would love to see an adaptation of GMA's Tank Commander or a similar game, though I understand the difficulty of working with audio in such a real-life simulation with almost no work done in that area before. Any game that comes along, though, should use the iTouch's ability to sense its orientation. For example, to move left, simply tilt left; the further the tilt, the faster the movement. This opens up the screen to many gestures (single- and multi-finger swipes, pinches, taps, and so on) for commands. I also heard that the makers of Super Egg Hunt may be working on an iOS version of that game. That could be a lot of fun.

luca1971 Saturday, 07-May-2011 3:13 PM ET:

I'd like to have an accessible cross word game in i-devices; also accessible sudoku or poker would be nice

DPinWI Sunday, 08-May-2011 8:30 PM ET:

In thinking more about this, and showing my age, I would also love to see something like the old Text Adventuress of yore ported to iOS. Zork, or Ultima, or any of those type games would be welcome here.

darknexus Monday, 09-May-2011 10:25 AM ET:

@DPinWI: You can get Zork and other Z-code games on iOS. Have a look at frotz. Zork's Zcode files have been released at no charge, so grab those and upload them to frotz through its built-in ftp and there you go. You'll probably want a bluetooth keyboard though, since playing those games using Voiceover and a small touch keyboard gets exhausting. I'm not sure if there's an iPad version of frotz or not.

DPinWI Monday, 09-May-2011 12:06 PM ET:

@darknexus. Thanks for that. I'll have a look.

Keao Monday, 09-May-2011 1:04 PM ET:

The types of games that I would like to see is more roll playing games, like alter eaon, or even game books on an ios device. It would be cool if their were games like that.

Pam Drake Monday, 09-May-2011 1:18 PM ET:

I have yet to dive in to any games on my iPhone 4, but this one looks/sounds very intresting. I wonder if playing games might help me learn better screen navigation on the phone. Due to a brain injury in infancy I have some spatial issues that make conceptualizing the phone screen a bit tricky, though I can use it. Locating an icon on the touch screen without starting from an edge is still very difficult even though I've been using the device since early December. I'm always willing to learn. If anyone has any ideas on how to better navigate I'd be interested in hearing them.

BlindPlay Monday, 09-May-2011 4:29 PM ET:

I'd enjoy a simple Black Jack game and an accessible dice rolling app.

estint Monday, 09-May-2011 10:48 PM ET:

I like word games like moxy and also games like hangman. I would love to try an audio only game though.

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