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Column: An Expert's Guide to Making Money from your Recliner with Online Surveys

If you are browsing this site you are probably blind and interested in having more disposable income. Online surveys are a fairly easy way for a blind person to make some extra money without ever leaving home. My name is Grace Hoath and I have been doing online surveys for the past seven years or so. I was a bored college student looking for creative ways to make money. I bought myself a $29.95 membership to a survey company database and spent the next few weeks filling out registration forms. Within a couple of months I had checks, gift cards, and free samples coming to my dorm room.
Fortunately for you, you don’t need to buy a membership to a database to get started. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my favourite survey, pay-to-click and pay to read programs with you. I will also explain how to sign up for each company, how to maximize your earnings, and go over any accessibility pitfalls. Survey work won’t instantly make you rich, but if you put a little time into it each day you will reap nice rewards.

The company I will cover this week is called matrix mails. It is a good idea to sign up with this company first because they give you a free email account complete with accessible web interface and pop3 access. You can give this email address out to survey companies instead of your personal one. This site pays you to read emails, click on links, and occasionally complete a survey or sign up to a newsletter.
To sign up visit the Matrix Mails sign up page click sign up and enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email which has a link to a page where the rest of the sign up process takes place. There is a capcha which you need to solve to create your account. You can use Web Visum or Solona to do this. Once you have signed up log in and put in your Paypal address so you can be paid.
There are a few things you can do to make the most of this site. Log in once every 24 hours and click on the links in the pay to click section. Once you click a link, a new browser window will open and you will get a message that says please click the button when the flashing timer stops. Wait 30 seconds or longer and then click the matrix mails link to be paid. You can then close that window and go on to the next one. The second thing you can do is refer your friends. You will make a percentage of the money they make. Thirdly, you can sign up for a gold membership. If you are serious about making money online this is well worth the $40. You make four times the money for every link you click and email you read, get automatic referrals, and a website that you can put you can use to post all of your referral links for survey companies. I don’t usually recommend gold memberships but, this one is top notch and I easily made back my $40.
I hope you enjoyed reading this first column. Please join me next week where we will talk about another company. If you can’t wait until next week and want to dive right in please visit my website at for more companies.

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magoo1070 Wednesday, 27-Jul-2011 12:52 AM ET:

Hi Grace, i have signed up for the matrix and accoutn but i click on the paid to clikc links and there does not seem to be anything to click on. nor is there anythign in the paid to read link, what am i looking for or do they sometimes not ahve a link. There is only an other sites heading with links in it that i can see really..

Khinton Thursday, 28-Jul-2011 04:47 AM ET:

Maybe Grace can mention what screen reader version if any she uses? Remember that technology is ever-changing. Depending upon what screen reader you have installed, results may be different. Your screen reader is one thing I suggest strongly looking into as a possibility. Also browser versions, and other programs installed make a considerable difference wile browsing the web. I'm sure even JJ himself would second this, and might offer similar advice. If I can be of more assistance (since I don't log into this site that much) feel free to email me at: My website and technology based Podcast where I am always looking for new people to interview through pre-recordings is available for anyone at: If you want to comment on the wealth of technical articles posted there, you need to sign up. Registration is completely free. Simply supply a valid email address on the registration page. Also, you do need to try to remember your password when setting one up. If not, though, you can always request a new password. If you want a direct link to the page detailing what my podcast is about along with the options to provide PayPal donations, you can find that at: I'm always willing to help out with any technology questions like that. I think I'll sign up for this website and see what I can find out. Thank you Grace for this first colum, and thank you JJ for posting this! I've been looking for some extra income-and well..surprisingly, payPal donation buttons don't seem to work the way PayPal claims they can. Even though I've had a varified account for ages. Crallers and such have been the only things to visit my podcast site-and as soon as I find someone to interview I will be posting Podcast episode five. It's been delied due to not finding peopele who have enough time to do a pre-recorded interview session. If anyone is interested in the various ways I do pre-recordings, please contact me via email. I look forward to having some new voices on my podcast! God bless.

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J.J. Meddaugh is an experienced technology writer and computer enthusiast. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a major in telecommunications management and a minor in business. When not writing for Blind Bargains, he enjoys travel, playing the keyboard, and meeting new people.

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