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A Review of Codename Cygnus, a Choose your own Adventure Style Game for iOS

Last month we told you about a Kickstarter campaign for a new interactive game called Codename Cygnus. The campaign was a success, and last Friday the game was released on the app store. Over the weekend I had an opportunity to test out the game.

Purpose of the Game:

Codename Cygnus is kind of like a choose your own adventure book. While you're playing, you will be asked to choose how your character will react to different situations. Cygnus is a spy agency and you are one of their agents. How you decide to react to the different scenarios will determine what happens to your character and if you're able to fulfill your mission.

Game Play:

The game is quite simple. Your job is to listen to the professionally performed story and to choose how you will react. When you have to make a decision you are often given two choices. You can make your choice either by saying one of the key words your given or by tapping on the screen. For example, you might be asked if you want to be "charismatic" or "hostile". You would then either say one of those words or tap the word on the screen. The game is fully accessible with voiceover, but I have found that the only way I can use my voice to make the selections is to turn VO off.


The game is free to download from the app store, but it is not free to play. The prologue is part of your free download so that you get to try out the game before committing to spending any money. Currently, you have the option of buying each episode for $1.99 or you can get all of the episodes in Mission 1 for $7.99. There are five episodes in the first mission.

Overall Impression:

I think that this game is definitely worth the money. The story is really fun, and the actors do a great job of keeping your attention. They also have done a great job of describing the scenery since there is no visual component. Finally, any app that mentions VoiceOver in their app store description is a company that I want to support.

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Nathan Wednesday, 04-Sep-2013 9:24 PM ET:

Hi Alena, the gameplay is quite interesting; actors and actresses who produced this definitely should receive honorable recognition. However, I thought the presentations were supposed to be similar to that of Oldtime Radio dramas. Unfortunately, because no one would be able to comprehend old, distorted, and somewhat staticky recordings, the audioquality is much higher. I enjoyed the actors, especially when I ended up paralyzed in a shark tank, but Neptune decided to spare my life. At first, I only purchased one episode, but then, I played all 3. There are supposedly other titles in the works such as Eps. 4 and 5. Mission 2 is slated for an October release date. Unfortunately, the only problem with this game is that, even when I disabled VoiceOver, I could still not get the application to recognize my voice. If the developer could figure out why this bug exists, I believe it would be a 100% guarantee app-grabber. Still, though, I very much liked the game. Interesting how Alex is a traitor, huh?

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For the past three years Alena has been a feature writer for the online magazine Matilda Ziegler. She has also been a contractor for the Oregon Commission for the Blind, helping blind adults learn to use adaptive technology. She is studying to be a teacher of the visually impaired at Portland State. You might also recognize her from the Serotalk podcast Triple Click Home.

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