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Cyber Monday: JAWS Professional license, M.2 SSD drives, laptop memory

For sale this cyber Monday week are a couple of things. Not only do I have hospital bills to pay, but I no longer have a use for these items. First is my personal JAWS professional license. You will receive the original 2018 boxed disks and training materials and you will also receive the USB dongle updated for the next two versions of JAWS Professional as of September 2020. You will still be able to license JAWS using the internet license manager but the dongle will not limit you to just 5 computers before a license reset as we all know. There will be the usual $75 license transfer fee through Freedom Scientific. I am asking $1000, however because of my financial situation I am open to offers. Feel free to send one my way and we can work something out. Next are 2 NVMe, M.2 SSD drives. These are not sata drives they are the 2280 M.2 formfactor. The first is a 250 GB Samsung 970Evo. This drive has seen very little use. The second M.2 drive is a Sabrent Rocket 512 GB which has seen less than a year's worth of light use. Both were only used as operating system drives and not for heavy storage. If you purchase both of these drives I will include a free NVMe M.2 USB C drive enclosure for you as well. Lastly are 2X16 GB Samsung memory modules for a laptop, It is 260 pin, 2666MHZ memory, 32 GB total, a great memory upgrade kit for your machine. A $230 value for $175. I also have an Essential phone running android 10. No accessories or charger is included. Asking $100 shipped. I am open to doing a bundle deal for any or all of these items. Looking to sell relatively quickly. Payment through cash app or PayPal. Shipping will be through USPS Priority mail with tracking provided upon payment.

Hi I have a Macbook Air selling for $600.00

It is a Macbook Air late 2013 model. It has 8 gigs of ram, 512 SSD (Solid state) storage for files and a i5 processor. This price already includes shipping but if a negotiation is required please contact me directly. Waiting on new computer to come in so delivery would be after December 2nd. This is simply because I have to migrate my whole system to the new one before sending. I will leave the pre-installation to start with voice over. The computer is in top condition and was recently serviced and updated.

Brilliant 40 Braille Display

Excellent condition, only used for two months. Asking $1000 or best offer.

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