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Introducing your premier 1 stop shop for Android Accessibility

Gone are the days of running aimlessly in the hopes of finding current and accurate information about Android. At long last, this fast-growing mobile platform now has the central accessibility information hub it deserves! With App and Hardware reviews from a blindness perspective, forums, an email list and so much more! Brought to you by Commtech USA. Go check it out. We welcome and appreciate your content submissions!

Commtech USA Wants to Thank you for Thanks giving Download our Android App today

For only 24 hours Commtech USA is having its biggest sale of the year! right now if you go download our Android app in the google play store at we will discount you the month of service of our Assistive Technology training and support to only 39.99. and 1 year for only 399.99. you read correctly. for only 24 hours, you can get an entire month, of unlimited tech training and support for only 39.99 or 399.99 for the year. with no quanity limits, buy 1 month, 3 months 6 months, how ever many you want and the price is still only 39.99 per month. you want to get in on great year prices, pay only 399.99 per year, and buy as many years as you wish. Boasting a nationwide staff with a vast range of experties from office, to university to personal technology skills and know how, let the certified staff of Commtech USA provide you with Vocation Rehab quality training for only pennies on the dollar. Don't have a Android phone? thats ok, we will discount you as well, in celebration of our new Android app release. just go to and get your discounted service there. and if you want to download our iphone, ipad and mac apps go to today!

around your neck bluetooth

Hi I'm selling a Bluetooth that goes around your neck. It vibrate on your neck when a call is coming in and when you first turn the Bluetooth on it well tell the battery statist. I am asking 40 dollars if intrusted call me at 2092638720

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