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Computer hardware that is designed specifically, or that works wel for blind users.

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Several Items in Perfect condition for sale

Hello. I have the following items for sale: 1 iMac with 1tb SSD, 16gb RAM, 27-inch screen, and full-size keyboard $1500 2 A viewplus Columbia braille embosser with Tiger software $1200 3 Braille edge40 with executive leather carrying case $1500

3 laptops for sale, excellent condition

For sale are 3 excellent condition laptops. A Dell XPS13 ultrabook, a Panasonic Toughbook CFC1 and a Dell Inspiron 5577 gaming rig. Details as follows: First, I am selling a brand new Dell XPS13 thin and light notebook. This is a 13 inch laptop with an aluminum enclosure with a 512 GB PCIE NVME SSD. NVME drives are up to 6 times faster than a traditional sata solid state drive. This machine has 8 gb of ram as well as an I7 7560U quad core processor. The retail price is around $1500, but since this is an open box I'm asking $1400. Reasonable offers will be considered. This is a very powerful machine. Second, I am selling a Panasonic Toughbook CFC1. This machine is from 2012 and has an I5 520M, a 320 gb hard drive and 2 gb of ram. The ram can be upgraded and the hard drive can be replaced with a solid state drive for improved performance. The CFC1 is a 12 inch business rugged machine with 2 removable batteries and an easily accessible slide out caddie for the hard drive. This is a tablet pc, so the screen can be inverted and closed to be used as a tablet. The rubber strap on the back enables you to hold the machine as a tablet and the included stylus will be of some value to a sighted person I'm guessing. This machine is in excellent condition with no cosmetic defects and is a great little business machine with a durable magnesium chassis. I am asking $400. The last machine I have for sale is a brand new 15.6 inch Dell inspiron 5577 gaming rig. This gaming rig comes equipped with an I7 7700HQ a very fast chip, 16 gb of memory, 512 gb PCIE NVME solid state drive, and an Nvidia GTX1050 GPU. The machine has a rubberized chassis and a touch pad similar to that of the macbook pro and the added benefit of a number pad. I am asking $900 for this machine. All prices include shipping. I ship USPS priority for the quickest delivery only 2 days. I accept payment via paypal. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Includes memory, sound cards, motherboards, cases, or anything else that goes in a computer.

Desktop computer systems from Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, and many others

Laptops, netbooks, and ultraportable computers

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