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It's not just another radio station, check out MCBVI Radio.

Just recently MCBVI Radio undertook the boldest step yet in attempting to differentiate ourselves from the thousands of internet radio stations that are out there by offering a brand-new show. Becky and I could not think of a name for the show so it is currently called The No Name Show, With Him & Her. Him and Her are myself, Dave Gordon, and Rebecca Kooistra. Of course, we play the music that you want to hear but we also take your phone calls as we talk about blindness issues. By the time this is published, this will have included: your independence as a blind person, abandonment as a young child when sent away to a residential school, Type 1 diabetes, and much more. This week's topic is RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa). We started the show by offering a several part series, which was sort of a modern-day soap opera. This ongoing saga went on for several weeks. It ended with Becky and Dave languishing in prison after Dave accidently shot Thad and Rebecca smuggled a gun into Dave inside of a chocolate cake. MCBVI President John Jarzyna pardoned both of them so they could attend the MCBVI State Convention. You can listen to The No Name Show With Him & Her every Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern time on We are also available on your Amazon Echo. Simply enable the MCBVI Radio skill and when you hear Stevie Wonder welcoming you to MCBVI Radio, you know you've come to the right place. Remember, From Christian to Smooth Jazz, progressive rock, and much more, it is MCBVI Radio,

New Album, Changes by Tony Gebhard, Preorders -- $12.00

My second album, Changes, is now available for preorder for only just $12.00. Releasing on october 5th. Please click the link in the description to preview and decide on your auditory fate!

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