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Build Your First Product and Earn Your First Dollar In 30 Days

As a blogger, Small Business Owner, or content creator, you're always looking for ways to expand your resources and create new revenue streams for your business. These days many bloggers are adding online course creation to their resume to do this. Online products like courses are an amazing tool to help you grow your audience. They not only help establish you as an authority on your topic, they are also a scalable product that can continue to be used no matter how quickly your audience grows. I understand that building an online course is hard work and can seem intimidating. But once you get past the fear associated with creating your first one, you’ll be more likely to continue creating more valuable products to help your audience reach their goals and in turn, grow your business. To help get passed those fears to create your first successful product and start making money online, my friends at ConvertKit have built the Product Creation Masterclass. ## What is the Product Creation Masterclass? The ConvertKit team understands that the biggest struggle with making a living online happens in those first few steps – creating a product that you believe in and provides value for your customers. To help you push through this initial step to move forward with your business, they’ve created Product Creation Masterclass, the comprehensive guide to building a product from scratch. Starting on January 15th, over the course of four weeks, they’ll be delivering masterclass members lessons filled with expert interviews, live trainings, and daily lessons to will help you develop, create, and sell your very first successful product. They’ve jam-packed this masterclass with everything you need to know to conceptualize, build, promote, and sell your very first successful product. Product Creation Masterclass includes: - 20 daily lessons - 4 expert interviews - They’re also partnering with some incredible companies to help you create your product. You’ll have access to: - Thinkific - SamCart Register here for this free Masterclass ### Earn your first dollar for FREE And on top of all that, ConvertKit wants to make it so easy for to you sign up that they decided to offer this class completely for FREE. ConvertKit believes that everyone has something unique, powerful, and influential to teach. That’s more important now than ever before because the more awesome things created by people like you, the better our world becomes. And they want to be a part of that process. The more you understand how to transfer your valuable knowledge into something your customers can use to enhance, empower, and enrich their own lives, the better equipped you are to be a world-changer. ConvertKit built this masterclass to show you how that’s done. They want to be the catalyst to create a community of makers that love their work and help others do that same. Are you ready to earn your first dollar online? Don’t wait any longer to teach what you know. Let ConvertKit help you create a successful product on your first try and start making money online. The world needs your creativity today! Register here for this free Masterclass (insert affiliate link) Best Michael Babcock PS: This is a class I took in the spring, and got distracted while taking it. I loved the content i did review, and it has helped a few people I know create a product. [Why not get your spot now]()

Free Online Shopping Software + Free Payment Card Reader

The Pay With Chip Marketplace is a new, easy to use, 100% accessible shopping application that provides amazing access to popular products from major online shopping websites. No web browser required. Navigation is very user friendly, using four keyboard keys - up, down, enter, escape. Currently available as a Windows PC installable application or Android app. Tested with NVDA, JAWS and Talkback. Example stores include Walmart, Best Buy, Ebooks by, Bed Bath and Beyond and many more. Upcoming stores include Groupon,, Apple Store, Ebay and many more. Checkouts are easy and safe, which means no more typing card numbers or saving card information. Customers receive a complimentary USB payment card reader. This tool may be helpful to someone, so please consider sharing it.

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