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Sharp EL-640 Calculators, Classco 9500CW Talking Caller ID's, 15k Accessible Power Banks

Hi all. We have many rare and hard to find items for sale. We have different condition Sharp EL-640 talking calculators which are the ones that everyone wants that includes the alarm clock, timer, clock, calendar, hourly chime, 5 minute chime, and of course the calculator. We have these in many different conditions ranging from brand new to good condition. We also have a few left of the very hard to find brand new in box Classco talking caller ID's that support call waiting. These store and can recall up to 64 numbers and record up to 20 names. These have call waiting support which you cannot get or find any longer. We also have brand new in the box Tissot Silen-T vibrating watches which are the best quality and greatest watch ever made for the blind or visually impaired. These are the most beautiful time pieces you will ever see or feel. We also have the brand new to the market 15,000 accessible power bank designed specifically for the blind or visually impaired. You have to see how awesome these are to believe it. Giving you audible and vibration feedback to know everything that is going on with the portable battery makes this a must have for the visually impaired. There is nothing like it on the market and we have them! Check out our demo with blind abilities here: You can see all the Sharp calculators and Classco talking caller ID's Tissot Silen-T vibrating watches, and our accessible power banks here: You can check out our complete web site of awesome items for sale at: or you can contact us via email at or by phone at 405-633-2572. We accept all credit cards and paypal and we even offer a layaway plan.

15k mAh Portable Power Banks Specifically for the Blind With Audible Tones and Vibrations

New to the market and only one like it in the world and we are the only ones who have them for sale. This totally accessible 15,000 mAh Dual USB Portable Power bank is specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired and provides tones and vibrations to indicate how much juice is left in the battery, when you are charging an external device, when you are charging the battery itself, when the battery is running low and needs to be charged, and includes reversible USB ports that you have to see to believe. These are new to the market and only available at the Harbolt Company. This is the only battery you will ever need again. Easily pocketable and rechargeable, this battery will charge anything you can throw at it that uses a USB cable to charge. Even higher amp devices like tablets and iPads. You will never want, or need, another portable power bank after you see what this can do and how accessible it is. Check out the interview that blind abilities currently did with us as we demo this awesome new product to the market. You can do so here: You can see more details, the price, and how to order right here on our web site: This has been one of the most needed products on the market for the visually impaired and now it is a reality. Grab one today. If you have any questions or would like to order over the phone, feel free to email us at or call us at 405-633-2572. We accept all credit cards and paypal.

Want to Buy: Original Humanware Brailliant 80

I am interested in purchasing a Brailliant 80, the one that was marketed by Humanware some years ago, not the newer Brailliant b80 model. A device in any condition would be considered.

Brailliant BI32 for $1950 1yr old, Focus 40 for $500 OBO

Little used Brailliant one year old. $1950 OBO. Only used as a backup, owner primarily used a Braillenote Touch this past year. The Focus 40 Blue is 5 years old $800 OBO. It works properly, and has been well cared for. It has no known problems. It was used for two years, then the owner transitioned to a Braille Note.

Accessing and Exploring The Fourth Generation Apple TV with VoiceOver Audio Tutorial $39

Mystic Access is proud to present our comprehensive audio tutorial on the fourth generation Apple TV Have you been hearing about the Apple TV, but aren't quite sure what it is, how it works or whether you can use it with little or no sight? Mystic Access is delighted to teach you about this compact and highly accessible device in our audio tutorial, Accessing and Exploring the Apple TV with VoiceOver. In this friendly and engaging tutorial, Kim Loftis explains and demonstrates the Apple TV using the VoiceOver screen reader. You'll learn everything from why you may want an Apple TV, to how to set it up without sighted assistance, to exploring and customizing the device to your own tastes and desires. The fourth generation Apple TV offers a wide world of content, and you can get to know that world in this audio tutorial. Table of Contents * What is an Apple TV, anyway? * What is the fourth generation Apple TV and why would I want one? / Differences between the fourth generation Apple TV and previous generations. * What you'll need to get started. * Orientation to the unit. * Orientation to the remote. * Demonstrating three setup methods... manual, with a Bluetooth Keyboard, and with an iDevice. * Checking for updates. * Navigating and typing with the Apple TV remote. * Navigating and typing with a Bluetooth keyboard. * A tour of the initial home screen layout. * Exploring the Apple TV's Settings. * Exploring the TV app. * Exploring Movies. * Exploring TV Shows. * Exploring the Music app and Apple Music. * Exploring the Podcasts app. * Exploring the App Store. * Browsing for, learning about and downloading third party apps. * Using the App Switcher. * Customizing your screen -- creating folders, moving apps and deleting apps. * Searching for content across multiple apps and exploring the top shelf. * Using Siri. * Sleeping and restarting. * Using Bluetooth. * Exploring some highly-accessible third party apps, including: Apps for watching videos, TV shows and movies. apps for listening to music. Apps for meditating and relaxing. Miscellaneous apps... including Carot weather, Sero and Amazon. * Trouble shooting -- includes reset methods. * Other Recommended Resources. * Conclusion and copyright. Accessing and Exploring the Apple TV with VoiceOver is eight hours in length and available in DAISY and MP3 formats, both of which you will receive upon placing your order. Your investment for this audio tutorial is $39. This is an introductory price which will expire on August 1, 2017. We hope you'll enjoy all there is to discover in this audio tutorial, and we thank you for your interest.

For sale, Handy Tech Braille Star 40 Braille Display

I have for sale a virtually unused Handy Tech Braille Star 40 Braille Display. This is a 40 cell display, and when reading the cells curve down to make reading an easier experience. It is Bluetooth capable, and also contains a basic note taker. This display requires 4 double A batteries (not included) or AC power. The indicative price for the Braille Star on the AFB website is $5990. I am selling this item for $2750. Note that this will be coming from the UK.

Victor Stream second generation with spare battery and leather case $450

this victor stream is in excellent condition, always lives in the leather case from executive products. the spare battery is bran new never opened. I have the box with all the contents and the box is in excellent condition as well

Classic Focus 40 Blue, Excellent Condition, for $1,000 Or Best Offer

I am selling a Classic Focus 40 Blue manufactured by VFO for US$1,000 or best offer. This unit was at VFO a year back to be tuned up and have its battery replaced. It is covered under a Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA) until August 31, 2017, and you may renew the PMA through VFO for continued coverage if yu wish. This is the Focus 40 Blue unit with WHIZ WHEELS. The Focus line is especially well suited to those who use JAWS as their Windows screen reader and VoiceOver on iOS, though it is also compatible with other platforms. The unit works perfectly and has no scratches. Comes with all original accessories (mini USB cable, AC adapter, neoprene case, Braille and print manuals, product support insert, companion CD). Also comes with an Executive Products leather carrying case. The cases are completely functional but do have wear and tear, as I have owned the display for six years (i.e., cracks in the leather of the Executive Products case, along the edges, from commuting and overseas travel with the unit; some creases in the foam of the neoprene case from it being tightly packed and stored with other things). I am only selling this unit as I will be getting a newer model of it, so I will not have use for this one and would rather it continue to get some good use in a new home. This unit ships from New York state, and I will ship to anywhere in the continental US. I prefer to receive payment via PayPal or Venmo but can also accept checks.

An Awesome New Product and We Have them! A 15K Accessible Portable Battery for the Blind

Everyone who is blind or visually impaired is going to want one of these. A brand new product on the market specially designed for the blind and visually impaired and we have them. Check the details out below. The Harbolt Company will have a table at the upcoming NFB convention and you can find us at table D20. That is D as in dog and the number 20. We would love to see everyone. We will be giving out free gifts with hourly drawings and will have some great and rare items for sale. Rare and unique items like the below product. We hope to meet each and every one of you. Accessible 15,000 mAh Portable Power Bank With Audible Tones and Vibration Feedback Specifically for the Visually Impaired. Includes Tone and Vibration Mode, Vibration Mode Only and Reversible USB Input This portable 15,000 mAh battery is a power bank specifically designed for the visually impaired. It can be used to charge an array of digital devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, GPS, and more. Indicator Features for the Visually Impaired: Sound or vibration signal for battery level indication Battery level at any instance is indicated in different sound or vibration patterns. One to four tones and vibrations indicate the remaining power left in the battery. Fully charged, the battery will sound four tones and emmit four vibrations. Each tone and vibration represents 25 percent with a total full battery with four tones being 100 percent full, three being 75 percent, two being 50 percent, and 1 being 25 percent or less. All this can be easily checked by pressing the single button on top one time. Output power connection confirmation Sound and/or vibration signal to indicate successful connection between any of the USB outputs and the digital device being charged. This will be indicated by two tones and vibrations sounding three times separated by several seconds between each sound. After three times, the battery is silent until another action is performed.  Input power connection confirmation Sound and/or vibration signal to indicate successful connection between the micro-USB input and the power source for charging  This is indicated by a single tone and vibration sounding three times with several seconds between each sound. After three times, the battery will be silent until another action is performed. Reversible USB output ports User can easily connect any USB charging cable without worrying about the plug's orientation or the cable's direction. The full sized USB end of your charging cable for your device will go in no matter which way you have it turned. You will never have to worry again about which way you have the USB turned as it will go in the ports whichever way you have it turned. Imagine a USB port that acts like an Apple lightning port where there is no right or wrong way in which to plug in the USB plug. This is a major innovation in USB plugging.  Optional sound and vibration alert modes Easily switch between sound and vibration modes by simply pressing a single button. Press and hold down the single button on top of the battery to switch back and forth from tones and vibration to vibration only. Use it in vibration only mode to be able to discretely check the battery level without alerting or disturbing anyone around you. Perfect for areas where quiet is a must, or when you find yourself in a loud crowded area where tones cannot be heard. Instead, feel the vibrations rather than try and hear the tones. Perfect for any environment or situation you find yourself in.  Tactile marks This accessible power bank is marked with raised-dots for easy accessibility. The full sized USB ports used to charge your devices are marked with two raised dots and also when plugging in a device to charge, the battery emmits two tones that corresponds with the two tactile raised dots. The micro USB port used to charge the power bank is marked with a single raised dot and therefore, emmits a single tone when plugged in to correspond with the single raised dot. Leading-edge Technical Features This accessible power bank is loaded with leading-edge charging technologies and features, bringing users a fast yet safe charging experience. With 15,000 mAh of power, you can go days without ever having to charge this power bank. Charge an iPhone up to 5 or 7 times, an iPad 2 times, and various other combinations. Beautiful modern sleek and stylish design that looks as great as it functions. Style and functionality define this amazing power bank with a glossy hard plastic finish on the top and bottom with a brushed hard plastic trim around the side. Extremely lightweight for its capacity and a minimal size that will easily fit in a pocket, purse, jacket pocket, bag, etc. Dual USB ports provide the ability to charge two devices at once as well as charging higher amp devices like iPads, tablets, etc. It is easy to see, that this portable power bank has it all. One of the most innovative and definitely the most accessible portable power banks anywhere in the world and on the market. Includes a nice velvet drawstring carry pouch and a micro USB charging cable to charge the battery and can be flipped around to charge any other micro USB device. Use your other devices own cables to charge devices that ar not micro USB. Click here to listen to the audio description Feel free to call us at 405-633-2572 or email us at

HP ENVY 15.6 inch laptop wit 12GB Ram, 256GB HD, i7 Processor, & Windows 10 Home. $650

I have for sale an HP Envy 15.6 inch laptop that has the ability to convert in to a touch screen if desired. Other than being turned on once and starting Narrator, it has not been used, so it's in new condition. I'd return it, but I'm beyond the 30-day window to do so. It comes in the original box, and It's currently selling on Amazon for $888. I'm asking $650. This includes free shipping in the US and I accept PayPal. If you have questions, please get in touch. The specs are as follows. Processor: 2.5GHz Intel Core i7 6th-generation dual-core (i7-6500U) . Ram: 12GB. Hard drive: 256GB SSD. Operating system: Windows 10 home 64-bit. What it has: (3) USB 3.0, (1) USB 2.0, (1) HDMI, (1) Headphone/Microphone combo, (1) RJ-45 Ethernet LAN Battery: Dual-band Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth Wired Network Adapter: 10/100 Ethernet LAN Keyboard: Full-size island-style backlit keyboard with numeric keypad Pointing Device: Multigesture touchpad Memory Card Slot: Supports multiple memory card formats Battery: Built-in 3-cell prismatic Lithium-ion

Various clean, used Apple accessories for sale: Apple TV, Keyboards, mouse, trackpad

The following Apple accessories are clean and in good working condition, but I'm not using them anymore so would like to sell them to folks who can put them to good use. Prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping. See the end of this listing for payment, shipping and delivery options. Email me if you have questions. Apple TV, Third Generation. $40.00 Apple part number MD199LL/A Rarely used, reset to factory defaults. Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Solar Keyboard K760, U.S. English layout, for Mac/iPad/iPhone.. $40.00 This is the solar model that can pair with 3 bluetooth devices simultaneously and switch between them with the press of a button. Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard, US English layout $35.00 Apple part number MC184LL/A Includes 2 new AA alkaline batteries. Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard, Western Spanish layout $35.00 Includes 2 new AA alkaline batteries Apple USB Extended keyboard with Numeric Keypad, US English layout $35.00 Apple part number MB110LL/A Apple Bluetooth Magic Mouse $25.00 Apple part number MB829LL/A Includes 2 new AA alkaline batteries. Apple Bluetooth Magic Trackpad $25.00 Apple part number MC380LL/A Includes 2 new AA alkaline batteries. Payment and shipping options: Option 1. PayPal. I will accept payment from verified PayPal accounts and will ship via USPS insured Priority Mail to confirmed PayPal addresses in the continental US only. Send me your zip code for a shipping quote. Option 2. I'll be attending the NFB National convention in Orlando for a few days and will be happy to deliver any of these items to you there on either Wednesday, July 12 or Thursday, July 13. I will accept cash payment at that time. Option 3. If you live in the South Jersey / Philadelphia area and would like to discuss other options, feel free to contact me.

Hi, I have some items for sale

Hi, I have some items for sale. These items will be free shipping over the U.S. The items are as followed: Item 1: Franklin Talking Dictionary ($180) This item will come with its case and batteries. I just used it a couple of times. The item is still in good working condition. It’s good to carry around with you during class or while traveling. You can also play the games that are built-in. Item 2: 4-In-1 Super Talking Clock ($15) This clock is still in good working condition. I have so many talking clock so I want to sell this one out. The clock has calendar, alarm clock, timer, three alarm sounds, and vibration. The clock is good to carry with you anywhere you go because it’s very portable and small. It’s about the size of your palm. Batteries are included. Item 3: FM Radio with Built-In SD Card, USB, Flashlight, and Recorder ($15) With this radio, you can listen to either the built-in FM radio, the SD card, or the USB. You can also record with it using either a USB flash drive or your SD card. The radio also has a small flashlight built-in to it. The radio is small and it’s portable for you to take it anywhere you go. The radio will come with its battery and charger. You can review the recorded memos using a computer and transfer it to anywhere you want. (** SD card and USB drive are not included. **) Item 4: SONY SRSX-11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($35) With this Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your music for about 12 hours, take/make phone calls, activate Siri, and use the redial function. The speaker also allows you to connect another SONY SRSX-11 Bluetooth speaker with it (if you have another one) to create stereo sounds. You can also use 33.5 mm audio if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth or if you want to use cable instead of Bluetooth. It’s easy to pair with your Bluetooth devices. The speaker will come with its mini USB charger. I accept PayPal, check, or money order. No matter which item you choose to buy, it will be free shipping over the U.S. For faster payment using PayPal, please click the link below and enter the amount of the item you want to purchase. Please leave a note about which item you want to purchase with the payment you make. If interested, please contact me by phone at 559-892-3968 or email me at

IRobot Roomba 880 with Accessories for $400

I bought this as a gift for someone, but they did not need it after all, so returned it to me unopened. This was purchased for $600 new, and the $400 price includes UPS shipping in the United States. It comes with extra filters, the virtual lighthouses, and a remote. Pleas feel free to email with any questions. The provided email is also my Paypal address. Thanks! Take care, Shanda

SARA CE Scanning and Reading Appliance Camera Edition, latest version for $800 Shipped

For sale is a Sara CE Scanning and Reading Appliance from Freedom Scientific. This is the current model which uses a camera to take pictures, and is much faster than the original SARA. Unit is tested and is in excellent condition and includes the latest available firmware. The SARA CE is great for those with limited computer skills or anyone seeking an all-in-one reading solution. Simply turn it on, place your printed material under the camera, and press a key to start scanning. Includes high-quality Vocalizer voices and can be hooked up to an external monitor (not included). Asking $800 which includes free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

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