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Seeking Web Designer and Hosting Provider for New Radio Station

We desire to start a new internet radio station, wherein we will host, music as well as technology related shows. We are seeking a web designer for our station's website, as well as a hosting provider to host email lists, as well as either an icecast or shoutcast server for the licensed radio station we would like to bring online in January or February. WE are also seeking interested broadcasters as well. Please contact us if there is interest in any of these three options, as we really wish to create a viable station with no adult content that truly has lots of programming and offers a lot of variety for everyone's listening pleasure.


Hi, This Perkins Brailler has been cleaned and lubricated. It is in excellent condition. Will ship free matter for the blind to save you money. If you desire a different method of ship you must pay the difference. I will include 50 sheets of braille paper. Thanks, Tony

Accessible home recording studio setup with computer, instruments, software, hardware...

Selling an accessible home recording studio setup with an upgraded iMac that I've ran Mac OSX and Windows 10 64 bit on with great results, (solid state hard drive, Intel I7 quad core processor, 16gb ram, firewire, thunderbolt etc), audio interface, preamps, guitars, amps, bass guitar, personal pa system, software, and a digital home piano which I used as a master controller in sonar, logic, and pro tools. For a complete list with specs and prices, please e-mail:

Color Television Receiver $500

A fully integrated solution, offering the advantages of a CCTV and OCR combined into one system. enables individuals with low vision to retain the joys of reading by listening along or viewing in color, enhanced high-contrast positive or negative modes. With easy-to-use buttons and dials, you can enlarge or reduce the text in seconds, change viewing options for easier visibility and much more.

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