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Classifieds: My book, Hitchhiking Across The Country With My White Cane is now available

As many of you are aware, I’ve been working on a book about my youth and about my experiences while hitchhiking across the country in the seventies. It is finished and is now available on Amazon as a kindle book, just do a search for Hitchhiking Across The Country. It will be available as an audio book shortly.
Below is a short synopsis. If you choose to purchase it for $4.95 US, I hope you enjoy it.

When I was young and foolish I hitchhiked across the country with my white cane and survived a lot of things that arguably I should not have. I was almost hit by a trolley car, I had numerous encounters with the police, was approached by child trafficking rings, was robbed at gun point, and was involuntarily driven in to a wooded area by two very crazy and impaired people, and I was also wrongfully placed in a mental institution. I also met the lawyers, who assisted me in a major law suit against a fortune 500 company,
Hitchhiking across the country with my white cane is my first attempt at writing a book and it is my true story. The book begins with one of the experiences that I survived while hitchhiking in Florida. I continue by writing about my life as a blind person. How did my parents handle the news no parent can possibly be prepared for, that I was totally blind? How did I handle my blindness, and how did my need to be independent deeply influence my future? It also colorfully discusses my time in a residential school for the blind and some of the conflicting emotions that impacted me, such as feeling sad and abandoned when being sent away from home at the age of four years old, and numerous other occasions during my youth. Readers will cry as they experience the sadness, anger, and depression that I grew up with. They will smile and laugh as they read stories that are humorous, interesting, and educational from the standpoint of blindness, and that demonstrate outright stupidity because kids who are poorly supervised can do some crazy things when left to their own devices. They will ride with me and at times fear for their lives as I did when I hitchhiked across the country with just my white cane. They will experience with me the many dangers that I faced and was totally unprepared for but somehow I survived them all. Was I brave, stupid, young and invincible, or simply naive and totally unaware of impending dangers? These things are left for you to decide.

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