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Classifieds: Selling ElBraille 14 for $2,000, or best reasonable offer

I am selling a barely-used ElBraille 14 for $2,000, or best reasonable offer.

The unit comes with the docking station, and Focus 14 Blue display. Upon receipt, it will be running JAWS 2018 in 40-minute mode. The purchaser would need to authorize JAWS with their personal key.

The ElBraille is running the latest version of Windows 10, as well as the Microsoft Office suite. This machine is meant more for web browsing, checking email, using social media, media consumption, etc., as opposed to heavy multitasking. It offers the functionality of a Windows computer as well as the ability to jot quick text notes, or record quick audio notes with the press of a key. The battery life is quite impressive. I can easily get a few days out of this before needing to charge it.

It should be noted that the Focus 14 Blue can also be paired with a mobile device. It is possible to switch between the ElBraille and any second pairing without needing to separate the Focus. Should you need to use the display completely separate from the ElBraille, though, it can be done.

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