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Effective Solutions creates affordable, attractive and accessible websites for businesses and non-profits. Our Sites are designed to look good on computers, phones and tablets. Accessible websites should be usable by all persons, regardless of physical limitations. This adds countless potential customers, improves your listings in search engines, is essential for ADA compliance and the procurement of government contracts, and is just the right thing to do!
Secure ecommerce combined with user friendly forms will increase the number of successfully completed transactions for products, services and donations. We can help you create and manage email lists to get recurring sales or donations from previous and existing customers.
We will help you interface with your preferred social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to help drive traffic to your products, services, blog and courses.
Security Maintenance Plans
If you lack the time or technical skills to maintain your website, we offer affordable monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance plans that include security updates, personnel and photo changes, new products and services and text descriptions. Daily backups, more often if needed, keep your valuable data safe and minimize downtime.
Podcasting, Webinars and Live Broadcasts
Do you enjoy podcasts and have always wanted to start your own? We can help you get your words heard throughout the world. Whether you want to broadcast live, record a discussion with knowledgeable friends and guests, or take questions and comments via a live webinar, we can help you make it happen. All you need is knowledge on a particular subject or hobby, the gift of gab and a decent microphone. We will take care of the technical details; recording, basic editing, publishing and marketing..
Content Curation
Do you need information on a particular subject? The internet has answers to every question ever asked. But how do you sift through the millions of websites, much less separate fact from fiction? Whether you need relevant information related to your website, or need more information to make important decisions, we provide reports with links to relevant websites, blogs, definitions, email addresses and social media links for industry leaders, relevant regulations, licensing requirements, statistics and historical data.
You may sell the best products or offer the greatest service, but without descriptions, people will have no idea what you offer. With 37 years of radio experience, we have learned the words to use to motivate people to take action.
Web Services Discovery
Before you can have a website to effectively promote your business or organization and its mission, you must first know what your site should offer and why. Web Services Discovery is a report that outlines what you need to be successful. Then, whether you choose to use our services, or work with someone else, you have a clear and concise document answering the seven questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and How Much?
You will save money and time by not paying for services you don’t need. You can email your report to other providers with the subject line “Bid for Service”. This lets them know they must compete for your business; saving you money and helping to ensure they have the skills to successfully complete your project.
WordPress Training
Most of the sites we build use the WordPress content management system. This gives you the greatest selection of themes to get the look you desire, and plugins with the functionality to help you achieve your goals. But what good is this if you do not know how to use your new website. We provide training to help you add new products or services, add, remove and update photos, add and edit webpages, view financial transactions, see visitor activity and more.
Custom Logos and Graphics
Do you need a New Logo or Promotional Graphics? Our graphic design specialist Ryan Bailey will work with you to create a new custom logo and graphics to help you project the image you want.
Contact Michael Lauf to discuss your objectives, then we’ll combine your needs with the most effective technologies to reach those who want and need what you offer.

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