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Classifieds: large variety of tactile markers at great pricing with free shipping

If you are anything like me, I rely heavily on tactile markers and feel that you can never have too many. My small business, D&B Accessibility has a large variety of tactile markers that are available to purchase single packs or great varieties in different amounts. We carry around fifteen different tactile markers at all times.
Interested or looking for a new tactile marker but not sure what you want or need? Email or call us today and request a free sample tactile marker card so you know exactly what you are ordering.
Do you know what you like or prefer to use? We probably have it. Call us today or email to place an order.
We never charge extra for shipping or handling like most online companies that sell independent living aids, so why not save a few bucks and support my small business in the process.
Email us today at:

Or call us:


We look forward to doing business with you soon!!!

Contact information Phone: 417-986-6296

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