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Classifieds: Free! Damashe and Michael, AOTD, and more on the Your Own Pay Podcast Network

If you hadn't yet, it's time to check out the Your Own Pay Podcast Network.

Either google it, or keep reading.

Currently Damashe and Michael are talking every other week on Tuesdays about Tech.

The latest episode is all about the Pixel XL 3 and Android Accessibility in DM37.

We share our first thoughts, along with a few other topics, and we also chat about IOS apps that may be missed.

However, Michael has to prove his wife wrong

2 weeks ago we chatted about the To Doist app for productivity.

The opposite Tuesdays, currently Michael is sharing an app of the day in under six minutes.

You'll learn quick navigation tips for getting through an app, some that have recently been discussed include

so, google The Your Own Pay Podcast network, and listen to one of the two podcasts currently available, and some exciting contents coming in the next couple of weeks.

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