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Classifieds: Top Quality Beef Jerky, Just in Time for Christmas!

Be the hero of Christmas! Stuff their stockings with my top-quality homemade beef jerky! It is chock full of flavor and has fewer preservatives than anything you can buy in the store. My friends claim that it’s excellent and I happen to agree with them.
I have the following flavors:
Tantalizing Teriyaki, sweet and a bit smoky
Dad’s Bragging Rights, savory, with a bit of pepper,
Ragin' Cajun, designed for those who challenge each other to see who can eat the spiciest food,
The cost is $ $10 for a 6 OZ bag. Shipping is $7 per address. I accept PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash, and Apple pay. I also can take credit cards over the phone using Square.
For more information please contact:
Angela Fowler
Phone: (530) 813-2911

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