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Project management Android and back doors
In This episode, we’re discussing a new podcast recording tool, Damashe’s using Edge, and Mike’s Android thoughts after a year of daily usage.
We get right into it by discussing a new service, SquadCast, we’re trying out for recording the show. While it is pretty straight forward to record with, we still did our own local recordings as a backup.
Flexibits has released Fantastical 3, with a lot of new features, among which are:

proposed times
direct account login
Todoist integration
zoom integration
calendar sets on iOS
and a host of other features.
We discuss some of these features, as well as some rough accessibility bugs with the initial release. You can now use Fantastical’s basic features fre, with a subscription for more advanced functionality.
Mike has put most of his tasks in Todoist, completing over 2300 tasks at the time of recording. And a side effect of the Fantastical update is Damashe is going back to Todoist. The fact it provides web integrations and shared projects make it a winner, fustrations aside.
One year in with Android, Mike is pretty happy overall. The ability to heavily customize Talkback behavior is one of the most powerful features. There are still some fustrations with navigating the web. Mike has been trying different browsers, including Firefox and Edge. Overall, we’re happy with the focus on accessibility from both Apple and Google.
We wrap up with a rant from Damashe on the increasing push from governments to create backdoors into software encryption.

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