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Classifieds: Classic braille note takers for sale!

I have a few classic braille note takers for sale!

The first braille note taker I have is the second generation braille plus 18 from American printing house for the blind. The braille display on this device is in perfect condition. The only issue with the device is that data on sd cards does not seem to be recognised. This could be of course, user error, but it is the only flaw I can find. Other than that, the buttons, display, and other ports work perfectly. The device does not come with a case or charger. However, it does charge with a standard micro usb charger, which are very easy to find. The product has built-in wireless, 32 gb of internal memory, a camera on the bottom for ocr, as well as all of the other tools we have come to know and expect from all of our note-takers. You can also plug it into a computer to charge as well as exchange data to the device.

I'm asking 310 US dollars shipped.

The next product I have is the original braille sense from Hims. The compactflash card slots do not appear to work, but everything else is in great working order. I have even plugged in a usb thumb drive into the unit with no problems. The braille display is in perfect condition. Product comes with the case as well as the ac adapter.
I'm asking 220 US dollars shipped.

The last device that I have is the Hims original voice sense. This product has served me very well. The space bar sometimes tends to get a little loose, but you can easily pop it back into the unit. Other than that, this device works great! All buttons and ports are in great working order.
I'm asking 110 US shipped.

Please contact me with any questions.

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