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Classifieds: BlindShell Classic 2 Available Now for Preorder from A. T. Guys; Louder Speaker, More Apps

Hello. We're excited to share that A. T. Guys is now taking preorders for the BlindShell Classic 2, the latest phone blending both simplicity and smart features. Below I'll answer some of the questions that I'm sure you'll have, as well as include a link to an audio demo I just recorded which talks more about the phone. If you have questions, you can always write us at or call (269) 216-4798. We also have a special offer fore preorder customers.

The BlindShell Classic 2 takes the best features of the BlindShell and makes them better. Among the first things I noticed with this phone is the speaker, which is much louder than the original. The buttons are also more tactile, including a well-defined dot on the number 5 key. The volume buttons are now on the side of the phone, with a new button for favorite apps and voice dictation on the other side. The phone still has a headphone jack (remember those?), and is upgraded to support USB C charging, the newer style of charger which lets you plug in the charging cable both ways.

One of the big new features is the ability to install additional apps. This is done through the BlindShell app catalog, a curated list of apps which have been tested to work well with the phone and screen reader. Currently, this includes apps like FaceBook Messenger and Telegram, as well as game apps like a dice roller. More apps will be added over time, and your suggestions will be taken into account.

If you prefer your phone to just be, well, a phone, that's totally fine as well. The Call, Messaging, and Contacts menus work just like they did before. Everything on the phone is menu-driven, with simple prompts to guide you all the way. Plus you can control the speed of the voice or change it to a new one, and also change the text size and other display features if you need those.

The other big question we know you'll have is about what carriers the phone supports. Currently, the BlindShell Classic 2 works with numerous carriers under the T-Mobile branding.

This includes popular and low-cost brands such as Metro, Straight Talk, Tello, Ting, Mint Mobile, and more. We have a complete list linked from our product page.

In the box, you'll find your new BlindShell Classic 2 phone, a charging cable and wall plug, a charging cradle which you can optionally use to power your phone, earbuds, and a lanyard among other things. If you order before October 31, we'll also include a BlindShell Beep, a small device you can attach to your belongings and then page from your phone. We'll have extra beeps available for purchase, but you get one for free if you order now. We're also including an extra 6-foot, nylon braided USB C cable which can be used for charging. Both the beep and extra cable are available for a limited time. Plus we throw in free shipping within the U.S. The BlindShell Classic 2 is available for $489.

As for cases, we have flip cases which open from the side and also include a small storage pocket. These are available for $35. We also have a TPU case which will clasp itself to the phone for $18.

Here's the simple link to learn about the phone and also find that audio demo:

We look forward to your questions, and are excited to share this new phone with you.

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