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We are pleased to introduce a brand new accessible power bank for all of your charging needs, in fact, two of them. Read on to learn more or to get a link to an audio demo.

Our new 10,000 and 20,000 mAh power banks can be used to charge basically anything that can be charged via USB, including iPhones, Android devices, the BlindShell 2, most Bluetooth products, the Orbit braille displays, and much more. Plus with modern, fast charging, you wil be back in business much quicker compared with our older power banks.

And because it's accessible, you can easily check the remaining power of the power bank by just pressing a button on the side. The unit will vibrate or beep from 1 to 4 times to indicate how much charge is available in the power bank. Hold down the button to switch between vibration, beeps, or both.

The smaller of the two power banks is about the size of your cell phone, with the larger model about twice as thick. ON one end, you will find three ports.

Simply take your existing cable and plug it into the power bank to charge your device. The power bank will vibrate or beep to indicate the device is connected.

We have two models available:

10,000 mAh charges a typical iPhone about three times from a single charge of the power bank. Available for $75 plus shipping.
20,000 mAh charges a typical iPhone about six times from a single charge of the power bank. Available for $99 plus shipping.

We include a USB Type C cable in the box which you can use for charging. If you have a newer iPhone, you can plug this into your wall plug to charge. It will also charge from modern laptops. Alternatively, you can use any Micro USB cable and connect it from the power bank to an outlet for charging. We have a variety of cables and plugs available if you need a spare, and of course, you can call us if you need assistance figuring out the best solution for your needs.

Power banks are in stock now and ship same business day if you order by noon.

To order, or to hear an audio demo please visit

You can also write us at or call 269-216-4798.

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email or call 269-216-4798

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