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Classifieds: Versa Paperless Braille Slates in Stock from A. T. Guys; More Case Colors Available

I heard that there was a rumor going around that the Versa Slate was out of stock. Certainly not true. In fact, we have brought back more case colors and are ready to ship your order right away.

The Versa Slate is a braille slate that is paperless and erasable. It works just like a regular slate and stylus, but without paper. It features 4 rows of 20 cells each, and a magnetic stylus that is built into the side of the unit for easy storage.

There are two models available. The full-size Versa is 4 lines and 20 cells per line. The mini is 2 lines of 12 cells and could easily fit in a small pocket or purse.

The Versa functions like any other braille slate, but without the need for paper. Simply use the included stylus to make braille, and flip over the slate to read it. When you want to clear all or part of the slate, press one of the buttons.
The slate has 2 sets of 4 buttons along the top and bottom of the reading side of the unit. There is a button above and below each group of 5 cells. Press the top and bottom buttons together to erase the dots from section of the slate. You can also gently push single pins down to erase a specific dot. We recommend doing this with a finger, not the stylus.

As I mentioned, we now have more colors of cases in stock for the full-size slate. Our flip cases are available in gray, navy, and pink. I only have a few pink available BTW.

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