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Classifieds: Celebrate! Ira & BlindShell Partner! 3 months IRA Service Free with BlindShell Purchase

Celebrate Good Times!
Ira and BlindShell have partnered together making BlindShell Classic 2 even more useful for the Blind and Low Vision population!
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Ira is now available on the new BlindShell Classic 2 Cell Phones
You can get 3 months of Free Ira Service!
its a Celebration!
Hurry! Time is Running Out!
Ppurchase your new BlindShell Classic 2 phone in July from the Mice
& get 3 months of Ira service Free*!
Plus the Mice pay the shipping on all U.S. orders!
That is right!
3 months of Ira Service Free and Free U.S. Shipping

Call The Mice for More Info at 866 922 8877
Hurry! Don't Delay
This special ends Sunday, July 31, 2022Time is Running Out!

Visit & Read About the BlindShell Classic 2 Phone

Aira App now on Award-Winning BlindShell Classic 2Mobile Phone
for the Visually Impaired, Enabling On-Demand Access to Visual Information

We are celebrating the partnership with Aira, BlindShell USA is offering throughout July 2022three months of free Aira service for BlindShell Classic 2 owners. 

BlindShell  and  Aira
 announce the integration of the Aira app for live, on-demand visual interpreting with the BlindShell Classic 2 accessible cell phone, which combines a
tactile keypad, voice control, and a high-volume speaker for flexibility and ease in operation, eliminating the barriers to communication found in traditional
cell phones with touchscreen navigation. The Aira app connects those with vision loss to professionally trained visual interpreters, called Agents, who
read documents, assist with navigation, access computers remotely, and provide any other visual information needed to accomplish a task. 

Unlike less effective phone platforms that involve either a tactile keypad and no camera, or a touchscreen keypad and a camera, BlindShell provides the
benefit for the visually impaired of a tactile keypad with a camera that is needed to use Aira’s visual interpreting service. Those with low vision or
blindness can download the Aira app from the BlindShell App Catalog onto their BlindShell Classic 2 and create an account with their personal preferences.
They can try the service as a guest at no charge for up to five minutes per day, subject to change. Subscriptions range in price to suit all tastes, and
Aira’s customer care representatives are available to discuss options. In addition, many businesses, retailers, restaurants, grocers, banks, airports,
transit systems, museums, universities, and employers provide Aira as an accommodation at no charge for employees, students, customers, visitors, and travelers
There is a complete list at

In the US, the BlindShell Classic 2 phone is available online through
 for a retail price of $489.00
BlindShell USA is celebrating throughout July 2022 the arrival of the Aira app by offering three months’ free Aira service for BlindShell Classic 2 owners.

“The ongoing collaboration between BlindShell and Aira is a huge win for the sight-loss community and a great example of our commitment to help drive improvements
and extend functionality in our product line,” said Jan Šimík, CEO of BlindShell in Prague. “As our collaboration continues, I look forward to adding more
functionalities in future releases.”

“The partnership of Aira and BlindShell advances the mission we undertook from the beginning—to remove barriers and make the world more accessible through
visual interpreting,” said Troy Otillio, CEO of Aira. “Our collaboration is dedicated to helping more people live, work, learn, and enjoy their lives more
fully by giving them access to the visual information they need and deserve.” 

“Bringing the Aira app for live, on-demand visual interpreting to the BlindShell Classic 2 transforms this accessible smartphone for the visually impaired
into the most powerful real-time accommodation, productivity, and communication tool that fits in your pocket,” said Bari Azman, president and CEO of BlindShell
USA. “The marriage of these two incredible technologies is a game changer for the low vision market in North America.”

About AiraAira’s mission is to remove barriers and make the world more accessible through visual interpreting with live, on-demand access to visual information.
Aira is a human-to-human professional assistance service enabled through a mobile phone app that enhances independence by delivering on-demand, skilled,
and reliable visual interpreting for just about any task. Aira was purpose-built for those who desire visual information about their surroundings, and
our community consists largely of people who are blind or have low vision. 

Get More Info About Ira Here
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