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Dannyboy Portable Smart Phone & Device Stand Winter Sale
The DannyBoy is back and better than ever!
Save 20% During the Winter Sale
The Dannyboy Stands were Going, Going, & Almost Gone!
Supply chain issues caused parts making up the Dannyboy to be no longer available...
...but Dan Malone, the creator of the Dannyboy Stand, was persistant!
He found a new supplier for the parts needed to continue producing the popular & magnificent DannyBoy Stan!
The DannyBoy Stand will hold almost every Smart Phone, in a case or not, with its new width adjustments including the

BlindShell Classic 2 Smart Phone

Dan will contact you after you make your purchase for the type of phone you have and will adjust your Dannyboy Stand to fit your phone before shipping!
Save 20% Now!
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Don't Hesitate!
Order Now & Get Free Shipping for all U.S. & Canadian addresses
Now $43.99 (Reg $54.99)
Save $11 and get Free Shipping to U.S. and Canada!
Don't Wait or It might be too late!
About the DannyBoy Stand:
The Dannyboy Portable Stand holds your Smart Phone stationary so the phone's camera can view items and documents clearly providing great recognition
Take perfect pictures and images
Read documents quickly and easily
The DannyBoy is Lightweight and Portable!
Great for anyone with motor disabilities, too!
The Dannyboy Portable Smart Phone Holder is IDEAL FOR HOLDING your Smart Phone ALOFT in a fixed and stable position for use with APPS like Seeing A/I & Reading Edge.
It is 13 inches long so Your device's camera will see a full page view of a legal size document!

Ideal for use when taking pictures and images of items and documents, too.
Holds your Smart Phone or device stationary allowing your device's camera to view items and documents clearly providing perfect recognition and imaging!
Lightweight and portable! It can be assembled for use or collapsed for transport in a matter of seconds!
Developed for Blind, visually impaired and low vision Smart phone users, The Dannyboy Portable Smart Phone Holder is also wonderful for anyone with motor disabilities!
Perfect for everyone wanting clear, distortion free images and document recognition!
Use it to hold your Smart Phone or Device stable and secure while operating Seeing A/I, KNFB reader, checkout 51 (imaging of receipts), imaging of documents, take a picture of an item or personal property for your records, or with DIGIT-EYES or another bar code reading ap for perfect recognition of bar codes.
The Open Frame design eliminates the need for additional lighting to illuminate the document or item under it.
The Dannyboy Portable Smart Phone Holder works with any model iPhone or Android Smart phone!
It can even work with other devices that have a camera.
as there are many different sizes and models of Smart phones,
an adjustable rail in the platform tray allows the DannyBoy to be changed to 3 different widths, (3 inches, 3 1/2 inches, or 4 inches)
allowing it to hold your Smart Phone or device.
The platform is made of Lightweight, sturdy plastic corner molding while the legs are made of sturdy wooden rods providing strength and stability while still providing great portability.
It weighs less than 12 ounces!
The Dannyboy Portable Smart Phone Holder's platform tray measures 13 inches by 4 inches and the adjustable rail allows the DannyBoy to hold phones from 3 inches wide to 4 inches wide.
The DannyBoy measures 13 inches long overall and 13 and a half inches tall when standing at its full height.
Note: Camera height is 13 inches.
Its height is adjustable up to 13 1/2 inches!
This stand is portable! Just fold it closed and it will conveniently fit into a briefcase, computer bag, or backpack allowing it to be easily transported from place to place!
It can be quickly set up and ready for use in a matter of seconds!
Adjustable width for platform tray (3, 3 1/2, or 4 inches)
Height is adjustable up to 13 1/2 inches high
Sturdy construction with locking nuts and bolts
Requires no additional lighting
Designed and built by the Blind for the Blind!
The Dannyboy Ships Free Matter For the Blind!

Save 20%! Order Your Newly Designed Dannyboy Portable Stand Now$43.99 at the Dannyboy store in

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Get a Dannyboy for yourself and end the frustration that a shaky phone causes!

Order Now! The Dannyboy Ships Free to US & Canadian Addresses
Save 20%! Order Your Newly Designed Dannyboy Portable Stand Now$43.99 at Dannyboy Store in

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