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Classifieds: ISO: Book Port By APH and Springer Design $100

I am in search of a Book Port classic, which was released sometime in 2005 and ended its support in 2007. As someone who loves the Double and Tripple Talk speech synthesisers, I have become quite fond of them.
Unfortunately, the Book Port I have now is on its last leg, for it won't let me perform even the most simplest of operations, and I don't know anything about electronics to figure out what could be the matter with it. I tried restoring the firmware update, but that apparently didn't work.
I'm forced, therefore, to find another working Book Port that is in good condition. If you have one that you are no longer using, I'm willing to negotiate with you, up to $100 for the present.
Contact me at green dash gables dash fan 33 at yahoo dot com if you have one or know someone who does.
Thanks so much!

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