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OrCam My Eye is a wearable device that delivers visual information audibly, in real-time and offline. OrCam’s tiny camera, which attaches to any pair of eyeglasses, uses artificial intelligence to help with reading, recognizing faces, shopping, working, and more, giving the user true independence. Cutting-edge technology that is simple and intuitive, OrCam MyEye PRO is powerful yet easy-to-use.

The lightweight device attaches magnetically to any pair of eyeglasses. With a quick tap, pointing gesture, or voice command, an advanced optical sensor captures an image and uses artificial intelligence to communicate information audibly. Audio is heard through a tiny speaker resting above the user’s ear or through a connected Bluetooth device, like Bluetooth earbuds.

This device will:
Follow your voice commands
Read Text
Interactive Reading
Recognize Faces
Identify Products
Recognize Currency
Distinguish Colors
Check the Time
Get to Know Your Surroundings

This item is new, I can send you pictures.

it sells for $3900.
Selling for $1550.

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I can be contacted via email or phone. 269-267-2487

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