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Want To Podcast But Don't Have The voice or The Time?

Hello Donald here. As you know, I love to write and sell books here online. Writing is a strong passion of mine, and I want to share with you a brand new audio book entitled; Podcasting With Artificial Intelligent Human Voices. This brand new audio book will explain how you can use artificial intelligent audio services such as Eleven labs to generate a high-quality podcast even if you don't believe that you can create one due to the lack of voice talent and so on. In the book I show you just how much of a time savor it is to just record a very small sample of your voice and then use it to create full-blown podcasts that are professional-sounding. You will be able to crank out podcast shows in record time with this instead of doing them the old fashioned way by struggling to speak for long periods of time into a microphone.

This brand new audio book is just $27. To get it, send me an email to my address here below, and I will then send you the order link. Be sure to put in your email that you send to me the name of the book so that I can send you the right file once payment has been received. My email is below.

Please note that upon payment, I will send you another link where you can download the book. It will come from Also because some individuals have had trouble downloading zip archive files, from now on, any books that I sell will not be zipped.

On the download page you will see two files, an MP3 file and a plain text version of the book as well. All of the books that I sell will have an accompanying plain text version unless otherwise noted.

Please note that any book you purchase from me comes with personal use rights.

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Email: to let me know what the book you want to order is, and so that I can send you the order link and the download link once payment has been made.

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