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Classifieds: BrailleSense Polaris32 and Brailliant BI 32 for sale, $2000 per unit or best offer.

BrailleSense Polaris:
The unit is in fairly good condition, but will need some repairs. I have outlined the issues below.
Issue: The unit is missing its Dot-6 key, though the underlying key structure still works just fine. HIMS said this could be fixed rather easily.
Issue: When recording with the internal microphone, some static can be heard in the recording. The speakers and headphone jack work, so this is an issue limited to the internal mic.
Issue: A few random dots in the Braille Display don't rise quite as much as they should, suggesting a cleaning is warranted. I have not yet tried cleaning the display, as I don't have the necessary supplies.
Everything else on the unit works well. The battery still holds a decent charge, and all other buttons and all the ports work just fine.
Original AC adapter included. Case only included upon request, as I feel it's not worth it; the place where the strap connects on the right-hand side has broken from heavy use, and the rubbery stuff on the underside of the case flap that covers the media keys has started to peal.
Brailliant BI 32:
The unit is in almost excellent condition with only a couple of issues, which I have outlined below.
Issue: The display will probably need a cleaning. To the best of my knowledge, no dots are sticking or weak, I just haven't used the display in quite a while, but it's been stored inside of its case ever since I got it.
Issue: There is an area near the Micro USB port where a tiny piece of the metal casing has come off the unit. This in no way effects the functioning of the unit.
Everything else on the unit works well. The battery still holds a decent charge, and all the buttons and the charging port work just fine.
Executive Products case included. It's in pretty good condition. The leather is starting to crack a little on both sides of the cover, both where it raps around the top back corners of the display and on the flap that wraps around the thumb keys. There are also some loose threads on the underside of the flap right near the magnets, but otherwise, the case is in pretty good condition.
I can include a Micro USB cable and a USB to AC adapter upon request.
I will accept payment only in full; unit or units will only be shipped after payment is received. I'm open to PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash as payment methods. Shipping not included in price. I will box the unit securely with plenty of packing paper. Preferred shipping methods are USPS and UPS. Tracking number provided as soon as I get it.

Contact information

Please contact me via text or phone at 951-212-5306. If you call and don't reach me, feel free to leave a voicemail and I will get back to you ASAP.

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