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Do you have a collection of audio cassettes at home filled with cherished memories, but no longer possess a tape player? Look no further, as Ultimate Tech Mods is here to help preserve your precious memories for eternity.
At Ultimate Tech Mods, we specialize in converting your audio tapes into digital files. Once your audio is in digital format, you can effortlessly enjoy it on any device, such as a Victor Stream, and safely store it in various locations like Dropbox to ensure they are never lost.
So, what's holding you back? Send your cassettes to Ultimate Tech Mods and allow us a few weeks to transform them into digital treasures.
We offer several convenient options for delivering your converted files. You can choose to receive a download link via email or have the files loaded onto a USB memory stick.
If you have other media you'd like us to convert, we're here to help. Our services extend to converting audio CDs into MP3 files or other formats, as well as extracting audio from video files. If you have any additional projects in mind, we'll be more than happy to assist.
For inquiries or to initiate the conversion process, please contact us at:
Please note that the tapes you send us must be in working order.
Pricing for converting audio tapes:
•Price per tape: $5.00 (includes light noise removal and encoding using an MP3 codec).
•Return shipping: $10.00 (covers the cost of shipping back all tapes).
•Digital download: Free (digital files can be downloaded via a provided email link).
•SD memory card: $13.00 (includes shipping for the SD card).
•USB memory stick: $15.00 (includes shipping for the USB memory stick).
Preserve your audio memories with Ultimate Tech Mods today!

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