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Are you blind or visually impaired and looking for a loyal, long-lived, and unique guide animal? Consider the advantages of a miniature horse! Discover a New Companion on Your Journey: The Miniature Guide Horse
Embrace Independence with a Trusted Friend: Miniature guide horses, around the size and weight of a large German Shepherd, offer a unique alternative to guide dogs. Experience the world with confidence as these intelligent equines guide you through your daily adventures.
Long-Lasting Loyalty: With a lifespan that can reach up to 35 years or more, a miniature guide horse can be by your side for decades, ensuring a bond that grows stronger with each passing year.
Housebroken Heroes: Trained meticulously, these mini horses are housebroken, making them perfect indoor companions. They adapt well to home environments and are respectful of your personal space.
Sturdy and Steadfast: Their sturdy build provides a sense of security and stability, offering physical support that's unmatched. Navigate the world with a guide that's as strong as they are gentle.
A Touch of Whimsy: Not only are they practical, but they also bring a touch of whimsy and joy to everyday life. Their calm demeanor and friendly nature make every outing a delightful experience.
Join the revolution in mobility assistance with a miniature guide horse — where every step forward is taken with a friend.
Allergy-Friendly: If you're allergic to or are afraid of dogs, miniature horses provide a hypoallergenic and anxiety-free alternative.
Experience the difference a miniature guide horse can make. Contact me today to learn more or simply to discuss more about guide horses, and be sure to check out the following websites!

Interview with a guide horse user, all about working with her miniature guide horse... note: you may have to hit the play anyway button after you choose this link.

Youtube video demonstrating how guide horses are trained.

Extensive reports on how guide horses are trained. There are eight reports.

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