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1. Blind Bargains Qast 157: Liquid Retina Vapor Faces
2. The 25 Most Popular Websites for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Part 1
3. How to Get Free Delivery on Up to Four UberEats Orders
4. Blind Bargains Qast 171: Patrick’s Poppin’ Presentation
5. Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox
6. Blind Bargains Qast 168: Image May Contain Progress
7. Accessible Reddit app Dystopia enters Beta, looking for testers
8. Blind Bargains Qast 167: Between Two Doughnuts
9. Breaking: Vector Capital Combines Freedom Scientific and Optelec to create Assistive Technology Juggernaut
10. Bond Falling Water Indoor Outdoor Fountain for $199.99 [Shipped]
11. Seagate 4TB Expansion USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $79.99 [Shipped]
12. A List of Disability Tech Support Hotlines
13. Cooking with J: Dead Simple Chicken Tikka Masala in the Instant Pot
14. Amazon Warehouse Deals Up to 20 Percent Off
15. Google seeks accessibility developers for survey. Compensation included
16. adidas Men's Pure Game 4-Piece Bath Gift Set for $7.48
17. HP 17.3 Inch Laptop for $399.99 [Shipped]
18. Microbes of Love Plush Bouquet for $49.99
19. Blind Bargains Qast 170: This Year In A.T. 2018
20. Blind Bargains Qast 166: Talking Shields
21. Kensington 16 Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase for $29.95 [Shipped via Prime]
22. #CSUNATC18 Audio: A New NVDA Add-on Can Describe Website Images, Plus Accessible Approaching Buses
23. How to Enable Audio Description on Netflix for iPhone, Android, and Apple TV
24. Blind Bargains Qast 104: WWDZZZZ
25. Blind Bargains Qast 126: A Qast with Parallel Sprinkles
26. Blind Bargains Qast 164: Naked A.T. Twister
27. Blind Bargains Qast 165: The 2018 Blind Bargains Holiday Shopping Guide
28. Heathrow airport becomes the first Aira access location outside the United States
29. Writing, Editing, and Reading: Do It All With Voice Dream Writer for iOS
30. #CSUNATC18 Audio: QD Laser Creating Eyeware to Help you See More Clearly
31. RCA 0.9-Cu. Ft. Portable Washer for $199 [Shipped]
32. Blind Bargains Qast 169: Wham!
33. Blind bargains Qast 88: The Year In AT 2016: Part 2
34. Open-Box Apple iPad Pro 10 Inch 128GB WiFi Tablet for $599.99 [Shipped]
35. Free Audible DVS movies from the Blind Mice Movie Vault
36. We Are Your Friends DVD with Audio Description for $12.99 [Shipped]
37. Refurbished, Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB GSM Android Smartphone for $197.95 [Shipped]
38. Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich Kindle eBook for Free
39. Seedlings Braille Books for Children Hosting Online Auction to Pay for Braille Books
40. 12-Pack Cable Bite Cable Protectors for Apple Lightning Cables for $6.99 [Shipped]
41. #CSUNATC17 Audio: A Star Is Born With The New HIMS Polaris
42. #CSUNATC18 Audio: The InsideOne Braille Tablet is Back and More Flexible
43. Blind Bargains Qast 58: The Ace Of Space
44. #CSUN14 Audio: Indoor Navigation using iBeacons
45. Tyler Spivey has made it Possible to Play the Game Boy Title Pokémon Crystal with Speech
46. Blind Bargains Qast 131: The Year In A.T. 2017
47. Blind Bargains Qast 139: The Almost Live #CSUNATC18 Wrap-up Show, the Devil's Triangle
48. RCA Pro II 10.1 Inch 16GB Quad-Core Android Tablet for $69.99 [Shipped]
49. #CSUNATC18: attendees take advantage of new orientation options with maps and Nearby Explorer from APH
50. Over 110 restaurants Want to Help You Celebrate Your Birthday

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