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1. Review: Amazon's Prime Pantry Makes Me Even Lazier
2. Quick Take: Intersection Explorer is a Virtual Map for the Android
3. JAWS Offers Public Beta for 64-bit Versions of Vista
4. Skype Calculator Tool Updated
5. The 25 Most Popular Websites for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Part 1
6. #csun10 New BookSense DS to Likely Debut at CSUN
7. Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox
8. GeeksModo: New blog for everything apple
9. Aira updates policies after Corona Virus outbreak
10. iOS 13.4 adds support for iCloud-based folder sharing
11. Duxbury Systems releases DBT WIN version 12.2 SR1 with New Braille Embosser Support, More Goodies
12. Tyler Littlefield creates accessible Covid-19 statistics tracker
13. #CSUNATC20 Audio: A Hallside Chat With Troy Otillio Of AIRA
14. #CSUNATC20 Audio: Reading And Writing Graphiti With Orbit Research
15. Mosen Consulting Offers Free Audiobook about the Zoom Meeting Platform
16. The Windows 10 Spring update is Here; Check Out All of the Accessibility Improvements
17. Freedom Scientific offers home licences for Jaws, ZoomText, and Fusion through June 2020; Dolphin Follows Suit
18. #CSUNATC20 Audio: Hey Google Read My DAISY Books With pratsam
19. Netflix Bringing Audio Description to House of Cards, Daredevil, Other Programs
20. It's Time to be Counted: How to Take the 2020 U.S. Census Now
21. Firefox version 73 introduces several low vision improvements
22. Aira drops support for Horizon glasses, looks for new solutions.
23. Audio Wizards goes on sale prior to forthcoming multiplayer update
24. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind goes on sale for the holidays
25. #CSUNATC20 Audio: Harpo Updates Some Nostalgic Braille Products For A Modern Age
26. Voice Dream Scanner enters Android Beta, costs $5.99
27. New setting in iOS 13.4 introduces always-on Hey Siri option
28. ATIA: Audio Wrapup
29. #CSUNATC20 Audio: A Field Of Clovers For Irie-AT
30. #NFB19: Get a Shipt Grocery Delivery Membership for $49 a Year and Avoid Pesky Minibar Charges
31. #CSUNATC20 Audio: This Is The Way weWalk With Smart Cane Technology
32. Cooking with J: Dead Simple Chicken Tikka Masala in the Instant Pot
33. American Printing House for the Blind announces new 2020 line of products
34. Get Voice Dream Apps Now In a Huge Holiday Sale
35. Blind Bargains Qast 200: Flash Boardon And The Mandalorian
36. #CSUNATC20: Orbit Research Announces a Trio of New Braille Products, Relaunches Graphiti
37. #CSUNATC19 Sponsored Audio: APH Is Bringing The Community Together To Impact The World At Large
38. Breaking: AIRA now free for calls of Five Minutes or Less
39. #CSUNATC20 Audio: Master Your Modes With vispero's Optelec Compact 10 HD
40. Breaking: Aira Tech Corp Acquired by Southern California Investment Group
41. Department of Transportation Outlines New regulations for Service Animals
42. List of 39 Movies and TV Shows Now with Audio Description on Netflix
43. Window-Eyes is No More, How We Got to This Point and What's Next
44. Blind Bargains Qast 21: Bacon Drizzle Binary Math
45. #CSUN15 Audio: Shh! Listen to The Mountbatten Whisper From Harpo
46. Free Audible DVS movies from the Blind Mice Movie Vault
47. Purchase AIRA Minutes and Credits for Yourself or someone else this holiday season with Aira
48. #CSUNATC18 Audio: The Canute Braille E-reader Is Just About Ready for Prime Time
49. $20 Off $300 or More at Overstock
50. Jim Kitchen Mega Games Pack Released, Works with Windows 10

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