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1. Freedom Scientific Releases Update to Openbook 9, Offering Support for 3 Video Magnifiers and Improved OCR
2. BBQ 228: A New Experience With The newHaptics Multiline Braille Display
3. Review of TeleTender: Accessing the Internet Using a Phone for Free
4. Over 110 restaurants Want to Help You Celebrate Your Birthday
5. #atia2010 Audio: Past, Present, and Future with Dean Blazie
6. Using AI to Remember the First Blind Bargains Weekly Podcast
7. BBQ 229: HIMS Describes The Feelings You Get From The Braille eMotion
8. Remembering Access Technology Pioneer David Holladay
9. Let's Go Shopping is Back - your Virtual Mall Crawl is November 3-4
10. Freedom Scientific Holds Patents for Form Labels, Listviews, Excel Custom Summaries, and More
11. Listen to the Let's Go Shopping Event and Support Blind-owned Small Businesses
12. BBQ 226: Huge Harry Says Hello From Blazie Technologies
13. First Ever New York Public Library Assistive Technology Conference Seeking Presentation Proposals
14. BBQ Be My AI 225: Placeholder Title Needs Update
15. Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox
16. How to Get JAWS, OpenBook, and MAGic for $200 Total at #NFB15
17. BBQ227: Free-Styling Glidance
18. Buy Etizolam Online In The US - Legal Etizolam For Sale
19. BBQ 230: BTactile Is The Place To Find Tactile Graphics
20. Blind Bargains Qast 91: Bringin' Sexy BrailleBack
21. Post Comments on Blind Bargains
22. Dancing Dots posts Bargains on Used Equipment
23. Trade In Options For Your Old iPhone
24. #csun10 Audio: J.J. Mutilates a Classic using Braille Karaoke
25. #CSUNATC2022 Sponsored Audio: APH Is On A Quest For “The Holy Braille”
26. The Expanded Blind Bargains Guide to Attending #CSUNATC17 on a Budget
27. #CSUN12 Audio: Equal Access to Textbooks with STEPP
28. #CSUN12 Audio: AbiSee Refreshes Eye-Pal Line
29. #CSUN12 Audio: Crowdsourced Funding and the Release of the 6dot
30. #CSUN12: Perkins Imports Latest Seika Braille Display as Perkins Mini, Updates Brailler Again
31. #NFB18 Audio: Buzz And Blast Your Braille With APH
32. #CSUN12 Audio: A Windows 7 Braille Laptop
33. #CSUN12 Audio: Need help Getting the Accommodations you Need at Work? Ask Jan.
34. #ATIA19 Audio: Dolphin Can Guide And Connect You With Greater Ease
35. Summer Convention Audio: Powerful Tablet Magnification With eBot
36. #CSUN14 Audio: Check out the Moves on that Robot
37. The 25 Most Popular Websites for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Part 1
38. Blind Bargains Qast 222: Described Jazz Hands
39. Greatest Hits MP3 album downloads for $3.99
40. #CSUN14 Audio: Math Equations Are Getting A Whole Lot More Accessible
41. Breaking: Flicktype Keyboard for iOS Changes Pricing, Pivots from Subscription Model
42. #CSUN12 Audio: Helping with Section 508 Compliance
43. Review: Your Writer's toolbox - Scrivener for iOS
44. Book Port 2, Icon Braille Plus, on Main Menu
45. #csun11: APH Releases Talking PC Maps Based on Sendero Maps
46. #CSUN12 Audio: Ambutech's Premium Canes
47. #CSUNATC18 Audio: The InsideOne Braille Tablet is Back and More Flexible
48. #CSUN14 Audio: Aumed Expands HD Line with LaView 22-inch Desktop Magnifier
49. #CSUN14 Audio: Eye-Pal Ace Plus Includes Portable OCR and Braille Output
50. Getting Creative With Braille On Windows: a Look At Beta Braille Support With the Windows 10 Update

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