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1. How to Get JAWS, OpenBook, and MAGic for $200 Total at #NFB15
2. Blind Bargains Qast 101: I Don't Know About That
3. Window-Eyes is No More, How We Got to This Point and What's Next
4. Google Demonstrates Android O Accesibility Features Including Accessibility Volume, Language Switching
5. APH Brings Talking Typer and Hurry Scurry Game to iOS
6. Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox
7. Blind Bargains Qast 100: Show Me, Don't Tell Me
8. Freedom Scientific Releases Update to Openbook 9, Offering Support for 3 Video Magnifiers and Improved OCR
9. Amazon Prime Video May Be Coming to an Apple TV Near You
10. #CSUNATC17 Audio: The Winding and Long Road for NVAccess
11. This Year's NVDACon is Set for May 19-21; Features Dictation Bridge, Google, NVAccess Keynote
12. Blind Bargains Podcast 6: Party Sounds And Shoeboxes
13. Review of TeleTender: Accessing the Internet Using a Phone for Free
14. Blind Bargains Qast 98: The Blind Film Critic... in Space!
15. #SightVillage Audio: Setting A Beacon With Barclay's Bank
16. Apple Releases iOS 4
17. Blind Bargains Qast 99: Surface LapBookTop
18. NVDA Con: It's Everywhere and Bigger than ever
19. A Simple Guide to Accessibly Installing the Windows 10 Creators Update
20. Add Verizon Fios to the List of Companies Offering Text to Speech for their Set Top Boxes
21. Keep In Touch with Alexa
22. Breaking: Humanware Posts Product Page for Brailliant 14 Portable Braille Display
23. Trade In Options For Your Old iPhone
24. Refurbished Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Straight Talk Phone for $99 [Shipped]
25. Editorial: Let's Eradicate the #a11y Hashtag And Replace it with Something Useful
26. #csun11 Audio: The Long and Winding Road to NVDA
27. A Minor JAWS 18 Update Fixes Web and Thunderbird Bugs
28. Google Announces Two Accessibility Sessions for I/O Conference
29. CAPTCHA Solver WebVisum May Now be Gone for Good with Firefox 53
30. Victor Reader Stream 2.0 to be Unveiled Monday
31. The Expanded Blind Bargains Guide to Attending #CSUNATC17 on a Budget
32. Blind Bargains Qast 27: Limited Time Only Joe With Voiceover Remote
33. A Review of the BARD Mobile App
34. Blind Bargains Qast 52: Sexy Voices In Your Head
35. Blind Bargains Qast 80: Thunderbolts And Lightning
36. Place your Bids; Over 500 Items in The Seeing Eye's Annual Auction
37. Another Humanware Teaser, Another Description from Raive
38. List of 39 Movies and TV Shows Now with Audio Description on Netflix
39. ATIA: New Seika 40-cell Braille Display Released, Currently for only $2,245.50
40. Asus 15.6 Inch Laptop for $818.98 [Shipped]
41. Blind Bargains Qast 97: Scurry Home Narrator
42. Breaking: Brailliant Sync App Hints at New Humanware 14-cell Braille Display
43. 2 Amazon Echo Voice-Controlled Speakers for $279.98 [Shipped]
44. Moment Wearable Shipping This Summer; Buoyed by $100,000 Prize
45. #csun11 Audio: Print and Braille Together with the Braille and Print
46. Amazon Warehouse Deals Closeout Sale
47. Would you pay Amazon to Never Have to go to the Grocery Store Again?
48. Philips Sonicare Essence Electric Toothbrush for $9.97 [Shipped via Prime]
49. #csun11: APH Developing GPS Navigational Software AviNav using Wayfinder Access Code
50. Open-Box Fugoo Style XL Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker for $99.99 [Shipped]

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